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Relaxation and well-being at the Asaya® Spa

Relaxation and well-being at the Asaya® Spa

Asaya Spa
Asaya Spa
Asaya Spa
Asaya Spa
Asaya Spa
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Asaya Spa

In the vibrant heart of Munich, known for its cultural diversity and lively history, the Asaya® Spa, a retreat for holistic well-being, has opened. As part of the renowned Rosewood Munich, this exclusive spa sets new standards in the world of wellness.

Holistic wellness

Asaya® Spa breaks with all the clichés of a conventional spa and opens a chapter that presents wellness in a completely new dimension. The focus here is not just on relaxation, but on a comprehensive concept that is dedicated entirely to the individual needs of each guest. Whether for a spontaneous day trip or as an integral part of a member’s lifestyle, Asaya® Spa is a place that makes the deep connection to the Bavarian Alpine landscape tangible and embodies the philosophy of Rosewood’s “A Sense of Place®” in every fibre of its being.

An oasis of well-being

Spread over two floors, the Asaya® Spa at Rosewood Munich offers its guests an impressive range of wellness experiences. The interior design by Tara Bernerd exudes calm and serenity, while the facilities – from pools to saunas and a fitness centre – leave nothing to be desired.

Roland Dürr, Managing Director of Rosewood Munich, emphasizes: “The concept of the Asaya® Spa aims to unite physical, mental and emotional well-being. We offer our guests a wide range of wellness services aimed at revitalization and renewal.”

Innovative treatments

Asaya® Spa offers a wide range of treatments inspired by traditional medicine. For example, “The Aufguss Journey” allows guests to immerse themselves in the world of aromatherapy, while “German Monastic Remedy” creates a deep connection with their own surroundings and roots.

Exclusive skincare: a partnership with Dr Barbara Sturm

Another highlight is the collaboration with the skincare brand Dr Barbara Sturm. The exclusive treatments, such as the Storm Glow™ Facial, complement the offer and bring an extra dimension of skin health and care to the spa experience.

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Memberships and day spa offers

In addition to treatments, Asaya® Spa also offers memberships and day retreats, which include access to all facilities and selected treatments. These offers are aimed at both hotel guests and external visitors.

An experience

In the heart of Munich, where urban flair meets Bavarian cosiness, the Asaya® Spa at Rosewood Munich is a true paradise for anyone looking for holistic relaxation. This place is more than an oasis of calm – it is a journey that takes you on a path of holistic health, where body, mind and soul go hand in hand. With its opening in Munich, Asaya® Spa is not only opening a new chapter in its worldwide development, but is also bringing a piece of the exclusive wellness world to the charming Bavarian metropolis.

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