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Discover the exclusive Janu Tokyo

Discover the exclusive Janu Tokyo

Janu Tokyo
Janu Tokyo
Janu Tokyo
Janu Tokyo
Janu Tokyo
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Janu Tokyo

Janu Tokyo, which opened its doors in March 2024, embodies a new era of hospitality. Inspired by the Sanskrit word “soul”, this opening represents not only a milestone, but also a turning point in the world of luxury accommodation.

The vision behind Janu Tokyo

Janu Tokyo is the result of decades of expertise and passion of the Aman Group and its CEO Vlad Doronin. Doronin emphasizes that Janu Tokyo represents a decisive moment in the development of the Aman Group, as it presents the energetic spirit of Janu and at the same time symbolizes the strength of Aman. It is the first of twelve globally planned Janu projects that focus on the trinity of inspiration, connection and exploration.

Unique location and design

Janu Tokyo is located in the heart of Azabudai Hills, a progressive new neighborhood developed by Mori Building Co. Ltd. This area includes Japan’s tallest skyscrapers, lush green spaces and a variety of cultural and artistic offerings. The hotel, designed by Pelli Clarke & Partners, boasts 122 sun-drenched rooms and suites, eight diverse restaurants, two exclusive boutiques and a state-of-the-art wellness area.

Insight into the interior of Janu Tokyo

The interior of Janu Tokyo, designed by Jean-Michel Gathy, exudes a youthful energy that is reflected in the vibrant textures, colors and design elements. A sublime gallery and reception with innovative glass and light structures as well as the ceiling, which is decorated with lattice woodwork and rope arches, offer a fascinating insight into the soul of Janu.

Wellness and fitness at the highest level

The hotel’s wellness centre, one of the largest in Tokyo, sets new standards in the hotel industry. With a 25-metre heated sports pool, private spa houses, an extensive hydrotherapy and thermal area and a state-of-the-art fitness studio, it offers a holistic experience for body and mind.

Culinary diversity and first-class gastronomy

Janu Tokyo offers a wide range of gastronomic experiences. From Janu Mercato, which celebrates Italian cuisine, to the Japanese restaurants Iigura and Sumi, which reinterpret traditional cuisine, the hotel offers something for every taste. The Janu Patisserie and the Janu Bar round off the offer with exquisite dishes and cocktails.

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Luxurious accommodation and timeless design

The rooms and suites, starting at 55 m², combine Asian-inspired interiors with contemporary European accents. The Janu Suite, the largest in the hotel, offers 284 square metres of luxurious living space and fascinating views of the city.


Janu Tokyo stands for a perfect synergy of first-class design and outstanding hospitality. Janu Tokyo is undoubtedly a new highlight in the world of luxury hotels and a must for anyone seeking the extraordinary.

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