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Culinary expedition into the countryside: Gourmet restaurant Silberstreif opens its doors

Culinary expedition into the countryside: Gourmet restaurant Silberstreif opens its doors

Gourmetrestaurant Silberstreif
Gourmetrestaurant Silberstreif
Gourmetrestaurant Silberstreif
Gourmetrestaurant Silberstreif
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Gourmetrestaurant Silberstreif

The Silberstreif gourmet restaurant opens its doors in the heart of the picturesque southern Harz region, nestled in the idyllic landscape of the Schindelbruch nature resort. An oasis for gourmets and a new highlight on the culinary map of Germany. Under the direction of head chef Eric Jadischke and his dedicated team, the Silberstreif promises its guests a unique flavour experience that invigorates the senses and enchants the palate.

A tribute to nature: cuisine with character

At the heart of the Silberstreif gourmet restaurant beats a deep passion for nature and the principles of sustainability. For Eric Jadischke, the creative mind behind the culinary creations at Naturresort Schindelbruch since spring 2022, nature is much more than just a pretty view. It is his canvas, his cookery book and his magic box all in one.

With shining eyes, he explains: “Every corner here, from the mysterious forests to the quietly murmuring streams, is full of inspiration for me.”

His approach is to bring the essence of the seasons and the treasures of the region to the plate. Whether he asks what the forest tastes like, the meadow or the stream – his answer is always a plate full of creativity and flavour. By choosing local herbs and wild plants not just as ingredients, but as the main protagonists of his dishes, he succeeds in creating a cuisine that is sometimes boldly modern, sometimes comfortingly familiar, but always authentically captures the spirit of the region.

Unique ambience and exclusive service

The gourmet restaurant offers space for 18 guests and presents itself in an elegant ambience that combines art and cuisine at the highest level. The dishes are served and staged on an exclusively developed table and dinner service from the Ritter von Kempski Collection by MEISSEN, which symbolises the precision craftsmanship and beauty of two worlds. Warm green tones, elegant wooden elements and natural materials dominate the interior, creating an atmosphere of privacy and elegantly reflecting the forest theme.

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The naming

The enchanting name “Silberstreif” was not chosen at random; it pays tribute to the butterfly of the year 2022 and thus lovingly joins the charming tradition of our hotel restaurants, which all bear the names of these fluttering creatures. This special butterfly, known for its shimmering silver stripes, symbolises the creative and varied cuisine that awaits our guests in the restaurant. Just as the winged silver streak enriches its surroundings with colour and life, our cuisine enriches the palate with a palette of flavours inspired by heart and soul.

A culinary experience in a class of its own

The Silberstreif gourmet restaurant is much more than just a place where you can enjoy an excellent meal. It is living proof of the dedication and tireless efforts of Eric Jadischke and his team. Here, where carefully selected wines and craft beers round off the already fabulous menu, every visit becomes an unforgettable journey through the world of flavours. The Silberstreif invites us to embrace the splendour and flavours of nature with open arms and celebrate in an ambience that turns every meal into an incomparable experience. It is a place where attention to detail and the joy of culinary craftsmanship can be felt in every bite.

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