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NEREA Cyprus: A culinary jewel on the shores of Limassol

NEREA Cyprus: A culinary jewel on the shores of Limassol

Nerea Zypern

Cyprus, an island nation in the heart of the Mediterranean, has always impressed with its rich culture, impressive history and breathtaking landscapes. Now there is yet another reason to visit the island: NEREA Cyprus – a restaurant that will attract gastronomy lovers from all over the world.

A touch of Greece in Limassol

The five-star Hotel AMARA is expanding its offer with the exclusive restaurant NEREA, named after the ancient Greek god of the sea. In a privileged location directly on the beach, NEREA offers a wide range of traditional Greek dishes. The main focus is on fish and seafood, all prepared from the best and freshest regional ingredients.

Diversity and excellence on a plate

In addition to maritime delicacies, NEREA offers a wealth of other culinary treasures to suit every palate. From the terrace with 145 seats, guests enjoy an incomparable view, while the interior, which seats 30 guests, captivates with its dignified ambience.

“NEREA is the perfect complement to AMARA’s fine dining restaurants Matsuhisa Limassol and Ristorante Locatelli,” affirms F&B manager Alexis Manikas. “Our commitment to offering guests unique culinary experiences is underlined by this restaurant. Our passion for fish and seafood, central components of the Mediterranean diet, is expressed here.”

A jewel in Limassol: The AMARA Hotel

However, the NEREA is only one of the many highlights of the AMARA Hotel. Opening in June 2019 and designed by renowned architects and designers, AMARA presents itself as a true luxury retreat. Direct sea access, stunning sea view rooms and suites, infinity pools and world-class restaurants make for an unforgettable stay.

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Cyprus, with its incomparable combination of history, culture and nature, now has another ace up its sleeve: The NEREA Cyprus. A visit to this restaurant promises a culinary experience that pampers both the palate and the soul. The next time you want to experience the southern charm of Cyprus, you know where your journey should take you.

Opening hours and reservations
For those who wish to visit NEREA, the restaurant opens its doors every day except Wednesdays from 19:00 to 01:00.

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