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Delta and fine wines – a heavenly combination above the clouds

Delta and fine wines – a heavenly combination above the clouds


A delicious drop of wine enjoyed at 11,000 metres can elevate the culinary experience of a flight to entirely new heights. At least that seems to be Delta’s approach in its latest wine programme, which is making a splash this autumn with an expanded wine selection on board.

A wine connoisseur in the clouds

Delta has significantly increased its wine offering and now offers 17 fine wines in a rotating in-flight menu. This special wine service is available in all Main Cabins and higher service classes. The selection is so varied that travellers have the pleasure of finding the perfect wine to transform their meal into an exquisite culinary experience. The exact overview of the fine wines can be found under Delta’s wine programme.

Quality meets values

Kristen Manion Taylor, S.V.P. of In-flight Service, emphasises the importance of selecting quality wines that share Delta’s values:

“Our final selection represents brands that are committed to diversity in the wine world and sustainability in their industry.”

This is also evident in the collaboration with the renowned master sommelière Andrea Robinson. Together, the team has made a wine selection that is sophisticated, balanced and simply delicious.

Taste experience at altitude

“A good wine makes good food taste even better,” says Andrea Robinson. This is especially true for conditions at altitude. Due to the high humidity and aroma concentration in the air, wines with lively acidity and powerful aromas are needed. These wines stimulate the taste buds and highlight the flavours of the food.

Different offers for different cabins

No matter what class you fly, Delta has something for everyone:

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Delta One – Premium wines, including two reds, two whites, rosé, champagne and port.
First Class Domestic Flights – Premium wines such as Pebble Lane Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay.
Delta Premium Select, Delta Comfort Plus and Main Cabin – A selection of international and national wines, including some women-led wine brands.

A rollercoaster of taste experiences

The best part? Delta’s wine selection is updated regularly, so passengers can look forward to seasonal additions to the wine list. For connoisseurs and enthusiasts, Delta’s wine programme always offers something new to discover.

In conclusion, Delta’s latest wine programme takes not only the flying experience but also the culinary experience to new dimensions. Cheers to your next trip!

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