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Team Forsthofgut Campus – A revolution in the Austrian hotel industry

Team Forsthofgut Campus – A revolution in the Austrian hotel industry

Team Forsthofgut Campus

When I first heard about Team Forsthofgut Campus in Leogang, I was immediately captivated. The Naturhotel Forsthofgut has created something very special in the midst of the Austrian idyll: A campus that is not only there for its guests, but above all for its employees.

The Schmuck host family has come up with something unique: The campus is based on five pillars – Wellbeing, Education, Social, Food and Living. This broad-based approach goes far beyond the usual understanding of employee development. Every aspect of well-being is taken into account here, and I have to say, it doesn’t just sound good on paper!

An inspiring working environment

It is exciting to see how the campus is intended to inspire employees and bring them together. Christoph Schmuck describes it like this: “We can remodel and design our Forsthofgut in the most extraordinary way, but in the end it’s just a shell: what makes our hotel special are the connections, the personal encounters – and that’s where our employees play an essential role.” I particularly like this quote because it shows that not only material things are important here, but above all interpersonal relationships.

A detailed concept

Every detail of the Team Forsthofgut Campus has been lovingly designed. It’s like wandering through a lovingly furnished house in which each piece tells its own story. Christina Schmuck personally selected the materials – proof of the extraordinary dedication that went into this project.

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When I think about this project, I see more than just an innovative approach to the hotel industry. I see a vision that is being realised, a new way of thinking about the relationship between employer and employee. The Team Forsthofgut Campus not only promises a new chapter for the Naturhotel Forsthofgut, but could also be a role model for many others in the industry. When the doors open in December 2023, we will witness an exciting new chapter in the world of hospitality.

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