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Pentridge Melbourne: An impressive fusion

Pentridge Melbourne: An impressive fusion

Pentridge Melbourne

Melbourne’s historic Pentridge Prison, once home to some of Australia’s most notorious criminals, has undergone a fascinating transformation. Today it stands for luxury, art and culinary enjoyment. Discover how Adina and TFE Hotels have transformed this historic site into a modern Melbourne landmark.

A prison becomes a lifestyle centre

Founded in 1851, Pentridge Prison north of Melbourne city centre tells stories of Australia’s criminal past. But since its closure in 1997, it has undergone an impressive metamorphosis. Today, it is at the centre of a vibrant gastronomic and entertainment district where art and cuisine dominate.

Modern luxury meets historical significance

The Adina Hotel Pentridge Melbourne towers high above the historic walls of the prison. With its glass façade, it makes a clear statement against the 170-year-old prison complex. Jesse Kornoff, General Manager of the Adina Pentridge Melbourne, emphasises how important it was to leave the famous bluestone walls undamaged during construction. This commitment to sustainability is also reflected in other aspects of the hotel, from the solar panels to charging stations for electric vehicles.

Experience behind the walls: The Interlude Hotel

Would you like to spend the night in a former prison cell? The Interlude Hotel makes this a luxury experience. The 19 converted cell suites convey peace and relaxation. Chris Sedgwick, Group Chief Operating Officer of TFE Hotels, describes The Interlude as an “urban retreat”. Here guests can immerse themselves in Coburg’s creative arts community and enjoy unique experiences that celebrate its history and culture.

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A journey into the past that touches all the senses

Pentridge Melbourne is not just a place to stay, it’s an experience. It is a tribute to Melbourne’s rich history, perfectly fused with modern luxury. If you’re looking for a unique experience in Melbourne, Pentridge has it all – from historical significance to art to world-class dining.

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