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Casa Baglioni Rooftop by Sadler – Milan’s shining crown

Casa Baglioni Rooftop by Sadler – Milan’s shining crown

Casa Baglioni Rooftop by Sadler

The heart of Milan is home to a jewel of star cuisine and design – Casa Baglioni Rooftop by Sadler. With a unique view over the city, an exclusive interior and mouth-watering gourmet delicacies, this rooftop terrace is the latest attraction in the metropolis.

So close to the stars: uniqueness at every angle

Milan, known for its impressive architecture and fashion houses, has a new star in the sky – and it’s “Casa Baglioni Rooftop by Sadler“. It’s not just another hotel in town, but the latest showpiece in the Baglioni Hotels & Resorts collection. Above all, it stands out for its combination of exclusive Michelin-starred gastronomy and unrivalled views of some of Milan’s most famous landmarks, including the Duomo.

Designer luxury under the open sky

Paola Lenti, an internationally renowned designer, has created an exclusive atmosphere for the “Rooftop by Sadler”. “Whoever enters Rooftop by Sadler is immersed in an atmosphere of luxury and timeless elegance.” The carefully selected fabrics, fine materials and modern designs testify to an incomparable sense of style. This experience is a true feast for the senses, where luxury and comfort merge.

Culinary highlights under the stars

But it is not only the design that impresses. Thanks to Chef Claudio Sadler, a renowned Milanese chef, Casa Baglioni Rooftop by Sadler offers culinary creations that enchant the palate. From innovative cocktails and Italian finger food to the exquisite signature dish, “Riso alla milanese da passeggio con maionese al Grana Padano 24 mesi Riserva”, every guest is spoilt for choice.

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An evening experience

If you’re looking for something special in Milan, don’t miss the rooftop terrace of Casa Baglioni Rooftop by Sadler. Up to 50 guests can enjoy the charm of Milan standing or 35 guests seated, while feasting under the stars and admiring the breathtaking view. It’s more than just a place – it’s an experience. A place where culture, art, luxury and taste come together to form a harmonious whole. It’s the perfect place to experience Milan’s magic in all its glory.

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