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Bar at PAPILLON Berlin – A night trip in a class of its own

Bar at PAPILLON Berlin – A night trip in a class of its own

Bar im PAPILLON Berlin

A visit to Berlin would be incomplete without discovering the vibrant nightlife scene. And one of the newly revitalised luminaries of this lively scenario is the bar at PAPILLON Berlin, where style, sensuality and taste manifest themselves in an impressive interplay.

A tribute to the colourfulness of nature

Under the architecturally admirable S-Bahn arches of the Zoologischer Garten, PAPILLON has been welcoming its guests to a journey of the senses since January 2023, where both culinary discoveries and melodic rhythms set the tone. The elegant bar, seamlessly integrated into the adjacent restaurant inspired by the style of 1970s New York, celebrates the dazzling color palette of the butterfly world in its cocktail offerings.

Creative Mixology – The PAPILLON Signature Cocktails

The key to PAPILLON’s uniqueness lies in its sumptuous signature cocktails, created under the creative guidance of renowned bar manager Tobias Bonk. Each cocktail on offer is a distillation of personality and creativity, crafted by the skilled hands of bartenders who share their individual preferences and stories through the lens of mixology.

“Accordingly, the menu is meant to be a kind of homage to the beautiful diversity of the butterfly world, which is made visible as well as palatable in all cocktails,” Bonk notes, a testament to the artful exchange of ideas invested in the creation of this extraordinary drinks menu.

Up close and personal with the PAPILLON masterpieces

The cocktails here are more than just drinks; they are storytellers. Take “Mr. PAPILLON” for example, an exquisite blend of Cointreau, Supasawa and sweet Tonka Syrup, finely balanced with infused lemon juice gin and rounded off with Mediterranean tonic water and a unique butterfly tea foam.

For those with a taste for something tart and fruity, the “Raspberry Glasswing” is worth the trip. A bold composition of Hennessy ‘Fat-Wash’ raspberry infusion, paired with fresh lime juice and sweet syrup, topped with egg white for a velvety texture.

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The cocktail creations continue their journey with “The 7th Daiquiri“, a refreshingly fruity blend of Eminente Rum Reserva 7 years, strawberries, selected syrup and the freshness of lime juice, finalised with a coconut-Frangelico foam that promises the drinker a touch of the tropics.

Beyond the Signature Cocktails

The bar menu at PAPILLON is not limited to his signature creations. It offers an extensive range of national and international wines, champagnes, classic cocktail versions and an exquisite digestif selection. Whether you’re a connoisseur of the Old Fashioned or want to enjoy an espresso martini, the bar at PAPILLON leaves nothing to be desired.

The bar at PAPILLON Berlin is more than just a place to drink. It is an institution that takes guests on an immersive journey through the art of mixology, backed by personal stories and creative imaginations. With an extensive bar menu that includes original signature cocktails as well as classic favourites, PAPILLON has raised the bar for Berlin nightlife. And in a city that never sleeps, the bar at PAPILLON offers a welcoming residence for those who want to experience the thrill of the night with a touch of elegance and creativity.

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