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Kirberg Manufaktur – A journey through tasteful gourmet gifts

Kirberg Manufaktur – A journey through tasteful gourmet gifts

Kirberg Manufaktur
Kirberg Manufaktur
Kirberg Manufaktur
Kirberg Manufaktur
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Kirberg Manufaktur

Kirberg Manufaktur enriches the culinary Advent with an impressive selection of vegan products. From fruity spreads to spicy chutneys and unforgettable syrups, these indulgent gifts are the icing on the cake of any festive table.

Kirberg in Advent: A Taste Explosion

Delicious into December” is not just a Kirberg Manufaktur slogan. The fine forge of culinary creations has expanded its product range and offers new treat highlights, perfect for Santa’s stocking or under the Christmas tree. The naturally vegan products make gourmets happy, jam lovers happy and provide culinary variety and “Ta-da!” on the plate not only in December.

The Stars of December

New and indispensable in the range are the “Santa Claus Pfläumchen” fruit spread and the “Rheinischer Bratapfel” – two delicacies that are guaranteed to sweeten Advent Sundays. And for those who can’t get enough of fruit spreads, Kirberg has created the “Frühstücksglück” trio: sour cherry, raspberry & vanilla liqueur; strawberry & mango; and blackcurrant & cassis liqueur. A trio that pleases not only the palate but also the eye.

Varied taste in one set

Chutneys and barbecue sauces are not to be overlooked. This trio in the colourful design of Kirberg Manufaktur brings aroma and colour into the kitchen. And the special creations, including “Stemmis Sterne Chutneys” inspired by star chef Sascha Stemberg and the manufactory’s barbecue sauces, are a must for anyone who wants to take taste to the next level.

To drink and toast

To round off the festivities, the “Juniper Yuzu” and “Lemon Basil” syrups offer an exciting complement to prosecco or mineral water – ideal for ending the year in style.

About the Kirberg Manufactory

A company that excels in innovation and creativity.

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Surprising, bold and simply “made for delicious”: chutneys, cooking and barbecue sauces in unconventional flavour compositions are typical Kirberg.

The idea of putting flavour into glasses was born during the pandemic and has become a popular offering. Today, the manufactory’s products are available throughout Germany in selected delicatessen shops and in the online shop. So if you want to be seduced by the variety and uniqueness of Kirberg Manufaktur, you will find all the necessary information and recipes at


Kirberg Manufaktur sets new standards in culinary enjoyment. Whether as a gift or for your own palate – this selection of taste experiences is incomparable. It’s worth discovering them in time for the festivities.

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