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The Hummus Bar – Hamburg’s new mecca for lovers of oriental delicacies?

The Hummus Bar – Hamburg’s new mecca for lovers of oriental delicacies?

The Hummus Bar
The Hummus Bar
The Hummus Bar
The Hummus Bar
The Hummus Bar
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The Hummus Bar

Something delicious is bubbling in the streets of Hamburg’s St. Georg district. The rumour mill had suspected it for some time and now it’s official: “The Hummus Bar” will soon open its doors. But what is behind this exciting gastronomy project?

A duo that convinces

The brains behind the new culinary hotspot are no strangers. When you bring together successful restaurateur Hannes Schröder and Hummus Bar founder Geha Brando, the result can only be fascinating. Together they plan to open the first “The Hummus Bar” on the busy Lange Reihe in early November.

Culinary experience in St. George

“Our hummus bar fits in perfectly with the times. It’s quick, uncomplicated and healthy,” Geha Brando enthuses.

The bar’s relaxed, stylish atmosphere invites you on an adventure of Levante fresh cuisine. From traditional pita rolls, taboulé and falafel to innovative hummus creations. “Golden hummus with sweet potato and black hummus enhanced with black sesame cream and beluga lentils – these are just two of the highlights guests can expect,” assures Schröder.

More than just a temporary delicacy?

Originally planned as a three-month pop-up, the collaboration between Schröder and Brando could go far beyond that. Further locations in trendy Hamburg neighbourhoods, but also in other parts of Germany, could become reality in the future.

Inspired by grandmother’s kitchen

Brand expert and event entrepreneur Geha Brando draws inspiration from the culinary traditions of Israel, Morocco, Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon and Palestine. Brando, who has German and Lebanese roots, wants to revive the aromas and flavours of his Lebanese grandmother with his creations. “These flavours that are intense yet light at the same time, that’s what I want to achieve,” he emphasises.

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Social Media and the Vision of Social Food

With his cooking videos and recipes from the Levante kitchen, Brando has already gained a growing following on social media. But for him it’s about more than just food. “It is important to me to bring people and cultures together with my social food,” Brando explains.


“The Hummus Bar” is not only a culinary sensation, but a place that connects cultures and tells stories. Another reason why Hamburg can be happy about this new opening. Be curious and let yourself be seduced by the variety and sophistication that “The Hummus Bar” has to offer!

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