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Talisker Wilder Seas: A powerful single malt and protection of the oceans

Talisker Wilder Seas: A powerful single malt and protection of the oceans


For three years now, the Scotch whisky brand Talisker and the global environmental protection network Parley have been committed to preserving and protecting our oceans. With the launch of Talisker Wilder Seas, they present for the first time a joint product that reflects this collaboration.

Wilder Seas: Environmentally friendly single malt Scotch whisky

The Talisker Wilder Seas Single Malt Scotch Whisky impresses with its strong taste and at the same time is characterized by low emissions. Every bottle produced contributes directly to the protection of the oceans and demonstrates the ecological commitment of both companies.

First maturation in XO cognac barrels

The first bottling of Talisker Wilder Seas was made after aging in former XO French oak cognac barrels. The result is a rich, complex whiskey with smoky and spicy notes that culminate in a hint of sea salt. Gentle plum and raisin flavors round out the flavor profile.

Sustainable packaging and innovative bottle design at Talisker

Talisker and Parley place great emphasis on sustainability: the packaging is made entirely of recycled paper, while the bottle is made of 100 percent recycled biofuel glass. The bottle design, created in collaboration with Parley, picks up on the undulating underwater landscape of the Skye coast and is reminiscent of marine forests.

Impressive emission reduction figures

Thanks to the use of recycled materials and clean energy, emissions from the production of Wilder Seas whiskey have been significantly reduced: 82 percent less emissions from the glass bottles and 77 percent less CO₂ from the packaging. This protects the oceans and prevents rising water temperatures and ocean acidification.

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Talisker: Donations for the protection of marine forests

With every bottle of Wilder Seas sold, three euros go as a donation to the protection of three marine forests in Scotland, South Africa and Chile. These important underwater habitats cover about a quarter of the world’s coastlines, but unfortunately are disappearing four times faster than rainforests.

Talisker Wilder Seas Single Malt Scotch Whisky is thus not only an outstanding taste experience for guests, but also a true commitment to environmental protection and the preservation of our precious oceans.

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