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Aotearoa New Zealand: The best activities in, on and around the water

Aotearoa New Zealand: The best activities in, on and around the water

Aotearoa Neuseeland
Aotearoa Neuseeland
Aotearoa Neuseeland
Aotearoa Neuseeland
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Aotearoa Neuseeland

Aotearoa New Zealand boasts endless coastlines, majestic lakes and mighty rivers that provide the perfect setting for numerous water activities. With a maximum of only 130 kilometres to the coast, no matter where you are in the country, this island paradise invites you to unique water experiences.

Watersports Paradise Aotearoa New Zealand

Whether gliding a kayak through tranquil lakes, feeling the adrenaline of wild water rafting or discovering the underwater world while snorkelling, New Zealand offers incomparable experiences for water sports enthusiasts. Special highlights include the Karitāne Māori Tours, where you can learn about traditional Māori canoeing, and the ground-breaking innovations from companies such as Shotover Jet, which will present the world’s first tourist jet boat with electric propulsion.

Poor Knights Islands: A Diver’s Paradise

Located off the east coast of the North Island, the Poor Knights Islands are a magnet for diving enthusiasts. Here you will find an impressive variety of marine life and breathtaking underwater formations. Offers like Freedive Aotearoa even allow you to learn mermaid diving!

Bay of Islands: Island paradise steeped in history

With 144 islands, the Bay of Islands offers an impressive backdrop for boat trips and nature observation. With the catamaran Carino NZ, you can experience the wildlife from the water here and learn more about the historical significance of the region.

Coromandel: An underwater world to marvel at

White sandy beaches and clear waters characterise the landscape of the Coromandel Peninsula. Whether diving, kayaking or relaxing on the beach – the possibilities are endless. A highlight is Cathedral Cove with its striking rock arch.

Rotorua: Pure white water adventure

For wild water rafting fans, Rotorua is an absolute must. Here, rivers like the Kaituna River offer fast-paced descents and unique experiences, such as conquering the world’s highest commercially navigable waterfall.

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Karitāne: insight into Māori culture

The coastal village of Karitāne not only offers beautiful landscapes, but also deep insights into Māori culture. Through Karitāne Māori Tours, you can learn how to paddle a waka in the traditional way and learn more about local history.

Queenstown: Water fun with a view

Situated directly on Lake Whakatipu, Queenstown offers a wide range of water activities. Whether you’re racing across the water on a jet boat or enjoying a relaxing ride on the historic steamship TSS Earnslaw, there’s something for every water sports lover here.

In summary, Aotearoa New Zealand is a true watersports paradise with something for every taste and adventure level. The country inspires not only with its natural beauty, but also with the opportunity to experience its culture and history from a unique perspective – from the water.

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