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Manuka Honey: New Zealand’s luxurious gold now available in Germany

Manuka Honey: New Zealand’s luxurious gold now available in Germany

Manuka Honig

New Zealand’s coveted superfood, Manuka honey, continues its global triumph. With the opening of the Manuka Doctor online shop in Germany, gourmets and wellness enthusiasts can now also enjoy this unique honey in this country.

The special properties of Manuka Honey

Manuka honey comes from the flower nectar of wild growing Manuka bushes in New Zealand. Its unique selling point? The high content of methylglyoxal (MGO). While conventional honey usually only contains around 20 milligrams of MGO per kilogram, Manuka Doctor products offer values ranging from 100 milligrams to an impressive 1000 milligrams of MGO per kilogram.

Thanks to its high MGO content, honey is not only a tasty treat, but also offers many health benefits. Scientific studies have shown that it can help alleviate symptoms of infection, among other things.

Transparent origin: From the beehive straight to your home

One of the main promises of Manuka Doctor is transparency. Each honey pot carries a unique batch number that can be traced back to the original hive in New Zealand. Without a complex supply chain, Manuka Doctor delivers the best directly from the beekeeper, so to speak.

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The taste profile

Alexandros Kiriakidis, General Manager of Manuka Doctor in Germany, emphasises the honey’s distinctive taste: “Our honey has a firmer consistency than conventional table honey, is darker and creamier and captivates with its natural sweetness with a slightly woody undertone.” More than 50,000 positive customer reviews confirm his words.


Manuka honey is not just another superfood – it’s a taste sensation. Whether you enjoy it in your morning muesli, use it as a source of energy or simply nibble it straight from the spoon: This honey promises to sweeten your day. Manuka Doctor products are sold in Germany exclusively through its own online shop at

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