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The best restaurants in Abu Dhabi

The best restaurants in Abu Dhabi

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Traditionale Küche

Abu Dhabi, the vibrant emirate, offers an abundance of world-class restaurants, with a diverse selection of exquisite buffets, sushi and bar concepts to exclusive à la carte menus. The city also has a lot to offer gourmets: For the second year in a row, three restaurants received the “MENA’s 50 Best Restaurants” award and three restaurants also received a Michelin star. Whether you crave traditional Arabic cuisine, award-winning restaurants or innovative fine cuisine, you are guaranteed to find the perfect restaurant to indulge your taste buds. In this article, we introduce you to the best restaurants in Abu Dhabi. They offer a mix of excellent service, stunning design and delicious food.

A touch of luxury at the Emirates Palace

The Emirates Palace is a symbol of luxury and elegance in Abu Dhabi and is home to some of the best restaurants in the city. Here you will find a diverse selection of culinary experiences, from Arabic specialities to international delicacies. The famous restaurant “Le Vendôme Brasserie” treats its guests to a first-class brunch and an exquisite menu ranging from delicious seafood to exotic spices. The glamorous Le Café offers pure luxury with gold-plated chocolates, specialised high teas and the famous 23-carat gold ice cream. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea, including gorgeous views of the Abu Dhabi skyline, while indulging in the delicious dishes.

Arabic hospitality at Hakkasan

Hakkasan“, also in the Emirates Palace and awarded a Michelin star, offers an elegant blend of traditional Chinese cuisine and modern ambience. Immerse yourself in the opulent atmosphere of this restaurant and let yourself be enchanted by the aromas and exquisite flavours of the dishes. Hakkasan” serves refined dim sum, delicious grilled specialities and a variety of vegetarian and vegan options. The stunning lounge and live music make for an unforgettable culinary experience.

More star cuisine not to be missed

The Michelin-starred 99 Sushi Bar & Restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel Abu Dhabi on Al Maryah Island indulges all the senses with handmade, delicious sushi, seafood and meat dishes. Enjoy the presented specialities in the appealing ambience with splendid golden interior and velvet Chesterfield sofas. Talea by Antonio Guida” also has a Michelin star and scores with simple Italian sophistication. The highlight is the “Cucina di Famiglia” menu, which is based on Guida’s distinctive culinary alchemy and interpretation of classic dishes.

A feast for the senses at Saadiyat Resort

The Saadiyat Rotana Resort & Villas is renowned for its world-class restaurants, which offer a wide range of culinary delights. The Italian restaurant “Cipriani” takes you into the world of Mediterranean cuisine – with delicious pasta and risotto dishes. Also try out the “Safina“, which offers international cuisine with fresh seafood and exotic flavours. The Saadiyat Resort is the perfect place to experience Abu Dhabi’s culinary diversity while enjoying legendary hospitality.

A journey through the regional diversity of Abu Dhabi

As a coastal city with a long history of trade, there is always fresh produce from around the world in Abu Dhabi. Particularly popular with foodies: the Al Mina fish market – a huge and impressive market offering the many edible treasures of the sea. But other restaurants also let you dive deep into the culinary diversity of Abu Dhabi. The restaurant “Al Dhafra” is located on a traditional dhow and offers a great view of the Corniche. Do you like sweet? Then be sure to try the large selection of local sweets here. Al Fanar” serves distinctive, traditional dishes in a nostalgic ambience. At “Meylas” you will find traditional Emirati hospitality, culture and food, as well as nostalgic décor that will take you back to the 1950s.

Authentic coffee culture and delicious snacks in an elegant ambience

Arab countries are famous for their coffee culture and also in Abu Dhabi you will find numerous traditional cafés with excellent coffees and light snacks – ideal to relax after a busy day of sightseeing. The “Du Roi” is a popular meeting place for Emiratis and offers coffee specialities as well as a wide selection of dishes, such as homemade croissants or classic sandwiches. Café 302 at Al Maha Arjaan by Rotana Abu Dhabi is a cosy, urban destination for residents and tourists alike. The chic, comfortable interior invites you to linger at any time of day.

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Relaxed atmosphere at the Al Palace

Al Palace is a luxurious restaurant known for its unique design and stunning location. Located directly on the beach, it has a magnificent view of the Arabian Sea and a relaxed atmosphere. The restaurant serves a selection of international dishes prepared by chefs with the utmost care. Enjoy a delicious dinner on the terrace while admiring the sunset and experiencing Arabian hospitality to the fullest.

Modern cuisine thanks to food trucks

If you use the culinary diversity of Abu Dhabi, you should visit the Food Trucks try out: “Al Hudayriyat Island” is considered one of the most popular food truck spots in the Emiratis and convinces with numerous trucks that have something to offer for every taste, from delicious coffee spots to burger shops and tasty ice cream. Khalifa City” also attracts visitors from all over Abu Dhabi. If you’re in the mood for pizza, you should try the Pizza Pie Factory. The affluent suburbs of “Al Shamkha” hold a tasty secret, a hidden collection of food trucks offering some of the most unique dishes on the scene. Let yourself be surprised by the delicious dishes in this tranquil setting.

Abu Dhabi Restaurants – the conclusion

Abu Dhabi is a paradise for gourmets in search of culinary delights. The city is home to an impressive selection of first-class restaurants serving a wide range of specialities from all over the world. Whether you want to experience Arabian hospitality in a luxury resort, take a journey through the diversity of Arabian cuisine or enjoy an Afternoon Coffee in an elegant ambience – Abu Dhabi has the perfect restaurant for every taste and occasion. Immerse yourself in the culinary world of Abu Dhabi and indulge in exquisite food and drinks.

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