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Flavours of Morocco – A Culinary Journey in the Heart of Dubai

Flavours of Morocco – A Culinary Journey in the Heart of Dubai

Flavours of Morocco

Dubai, the city of superlatives, is home to another sensation: the “Flavours of Morocco”. This exquisite culinary tour takes foodies on a journey through Morocco’s rich and diverse gastronomy, right in the heart of Dubai.

In Dubai, across Morocco

“Flavours of Morocco at Tagine at One&Only Royal Mirage is more than just an ordinary dining experience. It is an ode to the traditional flavours of Morocco, from Fès-Meknès to Casablanca and Marrakech. The chef in charge, Naima Moussaoui, has made it her mission to make guests feel like they are travelling through Morocco without leaving their seats.

Ambience that touches

As soon as you enter the restaurant “Tagine” you can feel the Moroccan flair. Tadelakt walls, tapestries and lanterns, complemented by the scent of cinnamon, saffron and nutmeg, create an atmosphere for immersion. The sound of oud music entices the senses and completes the image of an authentic Moroccan oasis.

The Magic of Naima Moussaoui

Naima Moussaoui’s passion and talent are what make this culinary journey possible. Her recipes, passed down from generation to generation, are authentic reflections of her love for Morocco and its culture. The couscous she takes particular pride in preparing, which is steamed for two hours, is a testament to her commitment and passion.

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A touch of Moroccan summer

A highlight from Moussaoui’s kitchen is the “Chicken Tagine Makful”, which captures the taste of summer with zesty lemon, earthy spices and fragrant Moroccan flavours. You can find the recipe here.

Conclusion: A culinary must in Dubai

If you’re in Dubai and want to experience a slice of authentic Morocco, Flavours of Morocco at One&Only Royal Mirage is your destination. It is not just a restaurant, but a journey for the senses. A place where tradition meets modernity and guests are guided through the magical world of Moroccan cuisine. For more details and booking information, visit

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