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Prosecco DOC: Steady increase in production and sales values

Prosecco DOC: Steady increase in production and sales values

Prosecco DOC

The year 2022 was another record year for Prosecco DOC. The Prosecco DOC Consortium recorded a 1.8% increase in production and an outstanding 11.5% increase in sales value. During the year, a total of 638.5 million bottles of Prosecco DOC worth over 3 billion euros were sold.

Great influence of spumante on the production volume

The traditional spumante contributed significantly to the total production, with a total of 497.9 million bottles, while the rosé variety contributed 62.7 million bottles. In comparison, only 77.9 million bottles of Prosecco DOC Frizzante 2022 were bottled.

Expectations for 2023 for quality and quantity

The grape analysis of 2022 was extremely positive. The quality and quantity of grapes met expectations, indicating that the expected demand for 2023 can be met.

Export market remains on growth track

81.2% of total production was exported and the share of Prosecco DOC for the export market continues to show steady growth. The U.S. overtook the U.K. in terms of the value of exported volumes for the first time in 2022, with an increase of 5.8 percent.

Prosecco DOC
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The global appetite for Prosecco DOC is growing

While 120 million bottles were consumed in Italy, the U.S. is the most important market for this designation of origin, with over 134 million bottles in 2022. In Germany, despite the saturated market, growth of 2.8 percent was recorded, with a total of 46 million bottles imported.

Prosecco Spumante gains market share

A look at the German export figures shows a new development: for the first time, more Prosecco Spumante was imported than Frizzante. Spumante also gained popularity in Switzerland, while Frizzante was imported less.

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Discover new markets Prosecco DOC

In addition to the traditional markets, Prosecco DOC also experienced a strong upswing in Eastern Europe. Particularly in countries such as Latvia and Greece, imported volumes increased significantly.

Price increase for Prosecco DOC Spumante and Frizzante

In conclusion, a sharp increase in prices can be noted. The average price of Prosecco DOC Spumante rose by 14.3 percent, while the price per bottle of Frizzante increased by as much as 18 percent. Despite this price increase, demand for Prosecco DOC remains strong, indicating a bright future for this sparkling luxury wine.

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