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Phraya – The exquisite rum that captures Thailand’s nature in every bottle

Phraya – The exquisite rum that captures Thailand’s nature in every bottle


In the world of spirits, “Phraya” – an outstanding rum from Thailand – attracts particular attention due to its unique connection with the four basic elements: Fire, Water, Earth and Air.

Fire and water: the essence of Phraya

Fire plays a central role in the production process of Phraya. It is used to char oak barrels, which gives the rum its sweet and spicy flavours. Water, taken from the Ta Chin River, ensures a harmonious balance that sets this rum apart from other spirits.

Earth and air: the foundations of flavour

Phraya is deeply rooted in the fertile Thai soil. The sugar cane that forms the basis for this rum comes from the fertile soil of central Thailand. Air, especially the pure, fresh air near lagoons, helps to give rum its inimitably smooth characteristics.

Deep maturing: A secret from Thailand

A special technique that makes Phraya unique is “deep maturing”. The rum matures in oak barrels that are stored four metres underground next to lagoons.

Verónica Muntadas, Export Sales Manager, explains: “The cool environment of the lagoons slows down the maturation process and allows the rum to develop its special depth and complexity.”

Thai craftsmanship

The history of Phraya is deeply rooted in Thai culture and craftsmanship. Sugar cane has been cultivated in the Sangsom distillery in the province of Nakhon Pathom since the 18th century.

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Carina Schulz, brand manager of the brand at Sierra Madre, emphasises: “Phraya is produced by talented master blenders with a deep respect for Thailand’s national heritage. And this is reflected in the flavour of the rum.”

Availability and distribution

From 1 November 2023, Phraya will be distributed by Sierra Madre GmbH in Germany, both online and in stores. This date marks a significant milestone for the brand, which is now also recognised outside Thailand. In the world of fine spirits, Phraya not only stands for quality, but also for a deep connection with nature. Each bottle tells a story of fire, water, earth and air – a journey through the rich culture and tradition of Thailand.

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