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The House of Suntory – A century of whisky mastery

The House of Suntory – A century of whisky mastery

The House of Suntory
The House of Suntory
The House of Suntory
The House of Suntory
The House of Suntory
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The House of Suntory

The House of Suntory, a name synonymous with pioneering work and excellence in Japanese whisky, is celebrating its 100th anniversary. This remarkable event not only marks a century of whisky production, but also the continuing influence on Japanese spirits culture.

Suntory Anniversary Tribute: A tribute to the art of whisky

The celebrations will be crowned by the “Suntory Anniversary Tribute“, a short film directed by Oscar-winning director Sofia Coppola. Starring Keanu Reeves, this film impressively tells the story of Suntory and honours its glorious past, present and future. Coppola and Reeves’ connection to Suntory emphasises their deep appreciation for the brand and its products.

The voices behind Suntory

Jon Potter, Managing Director of House of Suntory, emphasises the importance of the company for Japanese whisky culture. “As a pioneer of Japanese whisky, the House of Suntory has played a significant role in shaping the culture and craftsmanship in Japan,” says Potter.

Keanu Reeves expresses his admiration for Suntory whisky: “I’m a big fan of Suntory whisky, so it’s very special to be working together in honour of this anniversary.” He emphasises his appreciation for Suntory’s craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Four exclusive anniversary editions

The highlights of the anniversary include four limited whisky editions: Yamazaki® 12 and 18 Year Old and Hakushu® 12 and 18 Year Old. These bottlings represent the heritage and craftsmanship of Suntory.

The art of whisky making at Suntory

Shinji Fukuyo, fifth-generation Chief Blender, shares his passion for the limited editions: “They not only represent our relentless pursuit of quality, but also symbolise our promise to continue our philosophy for the next hundred years and beyond.”

The special features of the Yamazaki and Hakushu bottlings

The Yamazaki and Hakushu whiskies are masterpieces of Japanese whisky art. The Yamazaki 18 Year Old Mizunara and the Hakushu 18 Year Old Peated Malt Whisky, as well as the anniversary labels for the flagships Yamazaki 12 Year Old and Hakushu 12 Year Old, are the crowning glory of the anniversary. Each of these whiskies tells a story of tradition, innovation and craftsmanship.

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The House of Suntory not only stands for excellent whisky, but also for a deep-rooted tradition and the continuous pursuit of perfection. This 100th anniversary is more than just a milestone; it is a celebration of Japanese whisky culture and an unwavering commitment to quality and craftsmanship. The House of Suntory remains a shining symbol of the best that Japan has to offer in the world of whisky.

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