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WANDERN IN FRANKFURT & RHEIN-MAIN – The ultimate hiking guide

WANDERN IN FRANKFURT & RHEIN-MAIN – The ultimate hiking guide


Immersing yourself in the rustic beauty of nature has never been so exciting and accessible. “WANDERN IN FRANKFURT & RHEIN-MAIN” opens a gateway to a network of trails suitable for beginners and experienced hikers alike. In this article we explore the content of the freshly published guide and discover how it can transform your walking adventures in this beautiful region.

Autumn is knocking at the door, and with it comes the new edition of the guide “WANDERN IN FRANKFURT & RHEIN-MAIN”. A rich bouquet of hiking routes unfolds that not only warm the hearts of leisurely strollers, but also make the pulse of adventurers beat faster and put a smile on families’ faces.

A kaleidoscope of hiking routes

With 60 lovingly selected routes stretching from Büdingen through the Taunus to the Wetterau, this guide offers a colourful range of hiking experiences. Each route is its own little adventure, tested for quality, safety and that certain something that makes it unique. The well thought-out structure of the guide leaves no questions unanswered – whether it’s about the course of the trail, how to get there by train or the cosy places to stop for refreshments along the way. Discovering the local sights becomes an organic part of the hiking experience, where every step feeds the curiosity and makes the heart beat a little faster.

The fusion of tradition and modernity

“WANDERN IN FRANKFURT & RHEIN-MAIN” presents itself as an interplay of traditional and modern hiking. The guide shows how urban-hiking and soft-hiking are revolutionising the way we explore nature. The cooperation with the app komoot ensures that hikers always stay on the right path, whether they prefer the detachable pages of the guide or their smartphone.

Well equipped for adventure

Imagine standing on a chilly morning ready to set off on a new adventure, but – oops! – your shoes pinch or the jacket doesn’t keep you warm enough. The right outfit and equipment are the be-all and end-all for really enjoying hiking. This is exactly why the guide puts so much emphasis on not only guiding you through the scenic trails, but also making sure you are well equipped from head to toe. Whether it’s finding the perfect jacket to keep you warm and dry, or the hiking boot that fits like a glove, you’ll get tips here that are worth their weight in gold. And because a real adventurer deserves only the best, there are also recommendations for shops that convince with quality and passion.

Hiking as a unique experience

Hiking becomes an unforgettable adventure with special experiences such as night hikes, barefoot trails and llama walks. The family-friendliness of the guide is emphasised by sections aimed at making the hiking tour with the offspring a successful experience.

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Flora discoveries and clever hiking accessories

For those interested in botany, the guide opens up a world of discovering and collecting herbs, berries and flowers. Also featured are clever gimmicks like foldable water bottles and micro picnic blankets that make hiking twice as fun.

“WANDERN IN FRANKFURT & RHEIN-MAIN” is an uplifting expression of the freedom that nature has to offer. There is hardly a better way to experience the regional culture, discover the flora and promote physical fitness at the same time. With the freshly published guide, every hiking adventure is a step into a world of discovery and exhilarating experiences. The guide is available in magazine shops or free of shipping costs at

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