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Magnolia Memories – A wake-up call for timeless design and tradition

Magnolia Memories – A wake-up call for timeless design and tradition

Båge & Söner

The Swedish brand Båge & Söner sets new standards in design and craftsmanship and brings the classic alarm clock back into German bedrooms with “Magnolia Memories”. A work of art that perfectly combines tradition, luxury and modern design.

The renaissance of the classic alarm clock

“Magnolia Memories”: the name alone evokes a feeling of nostalgia and timeless charm. In a world dominated by digitalisation and hustle and bustle, Båge & Söner calls us back to a space of calm and appreciation for craftsmanship with their artfully designed alarm clocks. “It’s time to reclaim your bedroom!” proclaims the brand – making a clear statement against the digital noise of our time.

A legacy of beauty and punctuality

The history of Båge & Söner is deeply rooted in family tradition and personal memories. Lisen Båge, the founder, fondly remembers her grandmother Suzanne Brunner, a style-conscious lady who lived all over Europe and had an elegant alarm clock on the bedside table in each of her homes. She quotes: “The desire to redesign my bedroom led to the founding of BÃ¥ge & Söner.” It is this memory, coupled with a contemporary understanding of aesthetics and function, that is at the core of the brand.

A work of art from Stockholm

Every alarm clock made under the Båge & Söner name is a testament to craftsmanship excellence. Made of brass, stainless steel and the finest leather from the Tärnsjö tannery, every detail reflects the high quality and attention to detail applied in the workshops in Stockholm. Traditional craft techniques that have been used by fine watchmakers for decades find their place here in modern production.

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Responsibility for the future

Båge & Söner not only has an eye for the golden era of watchmaking. This company has its heart in the right place and takes its responsibility for the planet seriously. Instead of simply going with the flow, they consciously choose their materials, always with an eye on how they might affect our earth. It is refreshing to see a brand in today’s often wasteful world stand by its values in such an authentic and genuine way.

The “Magnolia Memories” collection by Båge & Söner is much more than just an alarm clock. It is a reminder of the times when quality, craftsmanship and design were the focus. It is an invitation to see the beauty in the small things and to appreciate a moment of calm in our otherwise hectic world. It’s time to reclaim the bedroom and wake up to a work of art by Båge & Söner.

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