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Aman Essentials – first collection

Aman Essentials – first collection

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For over three decades, Aman has offered intense experiences for the body, mind and spirit in its 34 gorgeous destinations around the world. In 2018, the company launched Aman Essentials, an exclusive collection of customized products for the home. Now follows the first collection of exclusive leather accessories. Following the success of the Ready-to-Wear line launched in 2021, The Leather Collection transfers Aman’s lifestyle experience to other everyday items. The 19 classic designs with contemporary touches include card cases, wallets, passport covers, handbags as well as smaller collection items.

Aman Essentials combines attention to detail and quality in one collection

The wallets combine the geometry of the Aman logo with the traditional Japanese folding technique origami to create interesting details. Different nappa lining variations reflect the colorful landscapes of Aman destinations and are appropriately named White Sand, Aman Grey, Mink, Grass Green, Aqua, Sunrise and Earth. Using complex layering techniques, the top of the letter A from the Aman logo is intricately hand-stamped onto leather tags using traditional inlay techniques. Family farms from France and Italy guarantee the quality of each product. Buttery soft lamb, goat and calf leather from traditional tanneries ergonomically fits the body. Ancient construction processes and unsurpassed craftsmanship ensure that each piece finds a lifelong place in its owner’s wardrobe. Kristina Romanova, CEO of Aman Essentials:

“The combination of our sincere attention to detail, our pursuit of quality at all costs, and our belief in the restorative power of simplicity represents the ‘Spirit of Aman’. Aman’s very first line of leather accessories was created to capture that spirit and create pieces that are truly loved.”

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In addition to in-house boutiques at Aman locations around the world, The Leather Collection will be available through global distribution on the e-commerce platform The collection presents 19 different designs at retail prices ranging from $250 to $4,000.

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