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hiPURE: A valuable microvital concentrate from the alpine region

hiPURE: A valuable microvital concentrate from the alpine region


hiPURE stands for a unique microvital concentrate, which relies on natural ingredients from the Alpine region. The development of hiPURE follows the central concern to integrate valuable, health-promoting ingredients from this special ecosystem into a daily dietary supplement.

The innovative manufacturing process

The secret of the unique microvital concentrate lies in a specially developed and gentle manufacturing process. Immediately after harvesting, the selected fruits are pressed and the direct juices obtained are transformed into high-quality concentrates.

Scientifically developed formula

The special formulation was developed in collaboration with scientists from the Technical University of Munich (TUM). It is characterized by a particularly high content of secondary plant substances such as vitamins, minerals and the valuable polyphenols.

The daily healthy start to the day

hiPURE is more than just a concentrate. It is a ritual for a healthy start to the day and helps the body absorb nutrients not neglected in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With hiPURE the immune system is strengthened, the metabolism is promoted and an active contribution to physical health is made.

Balanced diet with hiPURE

A daily dose of 10 ml provides the body with all the vitamins and minerals it needs for a balanced diet. The focus is on the principle of “not too much and not too little”. The 260 mg of polyphenols in 10 ml of hiPURE are equivalent to about 100 grams of blackberries or about 120 grams of raspberries.

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The story

The hiPURE story began in 2020 and involved two years of intensive research, development and improvement. Together with the TUM and other scientific institutions, and with the support of a former star chef, a product was created that sets new standards in terms of effect, consistency and taste.

Microvital concentrate hiPURE: Style meets health

The bottle, with its noble satin red and white glass look, is not only a highlight on any dining table, but also a stylish keeper of the precious concentrate. With hiPURE, health becomes a daily, enjoyable experience.

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