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#BOAHWYLD – The new trendsetter among trendy drinks

#BOAHWYLD – The new trendsetter among trendy drinks


The world of drinks is experiencing a refreshing revolution with #BOAHWYLD, the new non-alcoholic trend drink that is designed to inspire Generation Z and anyone who feels young. In this article, we delve into the fascinating world of #BOAHWYLD, the drink that promises more than just refreshment.

Why #BOAHWYLD fascinates

#BOAHWYLD is not just a drink, it’s a statement. With its unique flavour and sustainable packaging, it offers an experience that goes beyond thirst. #BOAHWYLD represents a lifestyle of freedom and individuality that appeals to and stands for the young generation.

Unique flavour meets sustainability

#BOAHWYLD comes in a variety of flavours, including lemonades and spritzers with a high fruit content. A colourless cola is a real highlight in the product range and shows how #BOAHWYLD is reinterpreting traditional drinks. The use of the 0.33 litre longneck returnable glass bottle illustrates #BOAHWYLD’s commitment to the environment. This stylish and environmentally friendly packaging optimally preserves the taste and underlines the brand’s sustainable philosophy.

The lifestyle

#BOAHWYLD is a way of life. It stands for freedom, individuality and the courage to be different. Everyday life becomes an adventure with #BOAHWYLD. This lifestyle is reflected in every sip and invites you to enjoy life to the full. Variety in every bottle: The #BOAHWYLD product line is diverse and offers something for every taste. From cloudy lemonade to innovative cola flavours – the choice is impressive.

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Accessibility for everyone

Currently available in the catering trade, #BOAHWYLD is planning to offer its products via its own online shop and selected retailers soon. This makes #BOAHWYLD accessible to anyone who wants to experience this special lifestyle.

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