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Bon Parfumeur – Summer Mix: The Art of Scent Layering

Bon Parfumeur – Summer Mix: The Art of Scent Layering

Bon Parfumeur

Layering different fragrances is one of the most personal techniques to create an individual signature scent. While many know the term layering mainly from the fashion world, combining individual fragrances has long been a well-kept secret among experts.

Bon Parfumeur – Summer Mix: fragrance variety for individual creations

Bon Parfumeur is known for its unique and characterful fragrances that can be worn individually or in combination. The label allows wearers to decide for themselves, depending on mood, season or personal taste, which fragrance note should be particularly prominent and how fresh or warm the scent should be.

Creativity and fun experimenting with scents

Layering fragrances should be fun and provide room for creativity. It’s also about getting to grips with your own fragrance and finding out which scents you really like and which suit the season. It requires trusting your own instincts whether you prefer to spray one scent over the other or apply it to different parts of your body.

Expert tips from founder Ludovic Bonneton

Ludovic Bonneton, founder of Bon Parfumeur, reveals his personal preferences for fragrance notes. To adapt his fall and winter fragrance to the new season, he recommends combining lighter floral notes with leather, warm earth tones, vanilla, musk, woods and citrus scents to find the perfect scent match.

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Bon Parfumeur: global presence in prestigious stores

The Bon Parfumeur brand is represented in over 750 stores worldwide, including impressive locations such as Le Bon Marché in Paris, the Voo Store in Berlin, The Conran Shop and John Bell & Croyden in London, and the legendary Tomorrowland in Japan. The international presence underlines the popularity and diversity of Bon Parfumeur fragrances.

Discover now the individual fragrances:

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