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Backhaus Schröer – A feast for the senses

Backhaus Schröer – A feast for the senses

Backhaus Schröer
Backhaus Schröer
Backhaus Schröer
Backhaus Schröer
Backhaus Schröer
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Backhaus Schröer

In the heart of Wiesbaden, Backhaus Schröer demonstrates its mastery of the art of baking by presenting an exquisite collection of stollen that turns every Christmas table into a real feast. This year, the bakery stands out with two sensational new additions: the Champagne Stollen and the Red Wine Stollen.

Backhaus Schröer’s Christmas miracle

Backhaus Schröer, a name that stands for quality and tradition in the German baking trade, has added two impressive new stollen creations to its repertoire. Kai Schröer, Managing Director of the family business, shares his enthusiasm: “After the success of our rosé stollen, we wanted to offer our customers even more variety. The new stollen are our way of enriching the Advent season.”

Champagne stollen: A luxury for the palate

The Champagne Stollen is a creation that combines elegance and flavour. Hand-picked walnuts and sultanas bathed in Laurent-Perrier Champagne give this biscuit an incomparable flavour. After baking, the stollen is carefully dipped in champagne and finished with white chocolate coating and a touch of gold dust – a real eye-catcher on any Advent table.

Red wine stollen: An aromatic masterpiece

The red wine stollen, soaked in “Roter Bodenschatz” wine from the VDP winery St. Antony, is a tribute to the depth and complexity of good wine. This stollen remains particularly moist thanks to the sultanas soaked in wine and is dipped in red wine after baking, followed by a coating of fine dark chocolate. A treat for anyone looking for something special.

Rosé Stollen: A continuation of the tradition

The Rosé Stollen, introduced last year, remains a favourite among lovers of fine baked goods. Covered with a chocolate coating made from Ruby cocoa beans, enriched with fresh cashew nuts and cranberries marinated in St Antony Rosé, this stollen is not only a feast for the eyes, but also a culinary experience.

The Christmas delights of Backhaus Schröer

In addition to the stollen, Backhaus Schröer also offers other Christmas treats, such as the new chocolate-almond biscuits.

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“These biscuits are a labour of love,” says Kai Schröer. “They combine Belgian chocolate with freshly roasted almonds and a hint of tonka bean – a real treat.”

Availability and sustainability

The entire Christmas range from Backhaus Schröer is available throughout Germany via their online shop. This accessibility, combined with a dedication to quality and tradition, makes the bakery a special part of the Christmas season in many households.

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