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MJ – The Michael Jackson Musical – A stage experience in a class of its own

MJ – The Michael Jackson Musical – A stage experience in a class of its own

MJ – Das Michael Jackson Musical

MJ – The Michael Jackson musical conquers the stage and promises to make the musical year 2024 in Germany an unforgettable experience. This Hamburg premiere not only captivates fans of the King of Pop, but also lovers of musicals.

A spectacle that attracts the crowds

The announcement of MJ – The Michael Jackson Musical has sparked unprecedented anticipation. With over 1 million tickets already sold and four Tony Awards®, the musical is an extraordinary success story. The fascination and legacy of Michael Jackson are brought to life in this Broadway production. The show, which presents some of the most iconic songs in music history, goes far beyond the legendary dance moves and the unmistakable sound. It offers rare insights into the team spirit and creative force behind the legend.

In search of the next Michael Jackson

An essential part of the musical is the search for suitable performers. Ralf Schaedler, Casting Director at Stage Entertainment Germany, emphasises the challenge of finding actors who do justice to Jackson’s charisma and talent. The cast must reflect the different phases of the star’s life, from childhood to adulthood. Jana Nagy, Artistic Director for Children’s Performing Arts, emphasises the importance of the joy of singing and dancing for the young applicants.

A world-class creative team

The centrepiece of MJ – The Michael Jackson Musical really is the impressive team that has come together behind the scenes. Imagine, Lynn Nottage, a woman with two Pulitzer Prizes in her showcase, wrote the book! And then there is Christopher Wheeldon, who has already won a Tony Award® with his unmistakable style of direction and choreography.

But it doesn’t stop there. Derek McLane, the man behind the stunning set design, Natasha Katz, who lights up every scene with her lighting design, and Paul Tazewell, whose costumes are simply stunning, all contribute to this magical experience. And think of Gareth Owen, whose sound design takes you right into the heart of Jackson’s world, and Peter Nigrini, whose projection design is truly a feast for the eyes.

This group of creatives worked together to create something that not only looks and sounds great, but also truly captures the spirit and soul of Michael Jackson. It is as if they had brought a piece of his heart directly onto the stage.

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MJ – The Michael Jackson Musical is not only a tribute to an unforgettable music legend, but also a triumph of stagecraft. It combines impressive performances, a profound story and a production of the highest quality. With its debut in Hamburg in 2024, the musical is ready to win the hearts of fans and critics alike.

Tickets are now available at – a must for every Michael Jackson fan and musical enthusiast.

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