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Circus Theatre Roncalli in New York – A European Circus Experience

Circus Theatre Roncalli in New York – A European Circus Experience


The famous Circus Roncalli brings the stages of New York to life this winter. With a programme specially designed for the metropolis, unmistakably European circus art, the troupe brings a touch of romance and nostalgia across the Atlantic. From legendary beginnings to the highly anticipated US premiere – a journey full of poetry, talent and vision.

Circus Roncalli: A journey to the rainbow bridge of success

Since its foundation in the 1970s, the name Circus Roncalli has stood for a contemporary, nostalgic take on the circus experience. With more than 45 million enthusiastic viewers, the troupe has already built up a considerable fan base. Their performances are synonymous with first-class, poetic circus entertainment, which is characterised by a special attention to detail and a deep passion for the traditional art of circus.

The US premiere in New York

“This Circus is the most fantastic Circus I have ever seen,” pop art icon Andy Warhol once said. Almost four decades later, founder Bernhard Paul’s dream comes true as his troupe steps onto American soil to present their bespoke programme, Journey to The Rainbow. From 08 November to 01 January, the Big Apple Circus tent in Lincoln Center’s picturesque Damrosch Park will be home to the Roncalli Ensemble.

„Journey to The Rainbow“

With 34 talented artists from different parts of the world and original music by Georg Pommer, Circus Theatre Roncalli offers a show created especially for the vibrant spirit of New York. Each performance aims to bring the romance and magic of the European circus tradition into the hearts of New Yorkers.

The visionaries behind the curtain

The management of this dreamlike project is in the hands of Bernhard Paul, the founder and owner of Circus-Theater Roncalli, and Patrick Philadelphia, a long-time companion. Their vision, along with the talent and creativity of the ensemble, makes the US premiere an event that celebrates the unparalleled joy and wonder of classic circus.

A new chapter for the Big Apple Circus

The arrival of Circus Roncalli is also a significant moment for the Big Apple Circus. As Nik Wallenda, producer and former star of the Big Apple Circus pointed out, this collaboration marks the transition into a new era and represents an excellent opportunity to bring the intimate and artistically sophisticated facets of the European one-ring circus to American audiences.

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The history of Circus Roncalli is one of constancy, vision and an undying passion for the art of circus. The US premiere not only marks a new milestone in the impressive history of Circus Theatre Roncalli, but also represents a bridge between the different circus traditions of Europe and America. At a time when the world needs cohesion and joy more than ever, Circus Roncalli brings a piece of the dreamy, romantic world of European circus to the stages of New York, and we can’t wait to see how this ancient art form will resonate in a new country.

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