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The magic of aromas – how fragrances shape our emotions

The magic of aromas – how fragrances shape our emotions


Discover the fascinating world of fragrances and their profound effect on our well-being in this article. We delve into the realm of aromatherapy and aromacology, exploring the power of essential oils and how they are used by companies such as Kneipp to enrich our everyday lives.

The secrets of fragrances

Fragrances are far more than just pleasant flavours; they are the key to our memories and emotions. A hint of cinnamon can take us on a journey back in time to grandma’s kitchen table, while other flavours remind us of unforgettable holidays or old friendships. But how exactly do scents influence our feelings and decisions?

The science behind odours

Odours play a decisive role in our daily lives, often unconsciously. They influence who we like and who we don’t – think of the expression “I can’t smell him”. Our nose helps us to recognise dangers such as spoiled food or escaping gas. But the effect of fragrances goes far beyond that.

Aromatherapy and aromacology: the use of essential oils

In aromatherapy and aromacology, fragrances are used specifically to enhance our well-being. A few drops of essential oil in water, warmed over a tea light, can transform a room into an oasis of well-being. The Kneipp brand also utilises this effect.

Kneipp and the aromacological effect

Kneipp relies on the power of essential oils extracted from plants such as leaves, flowers and peels. These oils are used in various products – from bath additives to room fragrances – and are designed to positively influence our mood, whether through revitalisation or relaxation. The effectiveness of these products has been scientifically confirmed in aromacological studies.

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Versatile areas of application for essential oils

Essential oils are not only present in aromatherapy, but also in many other products. Their diverse applications range from massage oils to room fragrances, enriching our everyday lives in a variety of ways.

The power of plants is clearly recognisable in their ability to influence our senses and enhance our well-being. From memories of grandma’s cinnamon buns to daily relaxation with essential oils – plants and their aromas play a central role in our lives. In this sense, the scents of nature not only give us pleasant aromas, but also a piece of quality of life.

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