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Coca-Cola® 3000: A journey into the future

Coca-Cola® 3000: A journey into the future

Coca-Cola® 3000-

The launch of Coca-Cola® 3000 Zero Sugar demonstrates the innovative fusion of human creativity and artificial intelligence (AI). This new, futuristic flavour promises not only a refreshing treat, but also an interactive AI experience that offers insights into the year 3000.

A taste experience of the next generation

The launch of the brand new, limited edition Coca-Cola® 3000 Zero Sugar flavour from the Coca-Cola® Creations range is undoubtedly a revolution. There’s more than just a new flavour behind this latest creation – it’s an invitation to look to the future with hope and celebrate social connections.

AI meets human creativity

The fusion of AI and human creativity has produced this futuristic flavour. As Alina Enache, Frontline Marketing Director Germany at The Coca-Cola Company, aptly noted: “The goal of Coca-Cola® Creations is to surprise our fans with magical moments.” The AI experience around Coca-Cola® 3000 Zero Sugar explores what the drink might taste like in the future, while providing an innovative way to imagine the potential surprises of the future.

Interactive AI Experience: The Creations Hub

A unique aspect of this launch is the Creations Hub. By scanning a code on the Coca-Cola® 3000 can, consumers can activate a personalised AI 3000 lens and get an inspiring glimpse into the future.

Design: A vision of the digital future

The design of the Coca-Cola® 3000 can reflects the brand’s futuristic vision. The design captivates with bright, optimistic colour tones and flowing dot clusters that represent our interpersonal interactions in the digital future. The Coca-Cola® Creations logo and Coca-Cola’s traditional Spencerian typeface also feature prominently, with the design influenced by artificial intelligence.

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A fashionable collaboration with AMBUSH®.

The Coca-Cola® 3000 experience is further enhanced by a collaboration with AMBUSH®, a fashion brand founded by designer Yoon Ahn. This limited edition collection, inspired by the future, will include clothing and accessories and will be available on in autumn.

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