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EL&N Düsseldorf: The trend café that makes hearts beat faster

EL&N Düsseldorf: The trend café that makes hearts beat faster

EL&N Düsseldorf
EL&N Düsseldorf
EL&N Düsseldorf
EL&N Düsseldorf
EL&N Düsseldorf
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EL&N Düsseldorf

EL&N Düsseldorf is the latest branch of the internationally renowned café and lifestyle chain from the United Kingdom. With its mix of trendy interior design, exquisite menu and maximally photogenic setting, EL&N has established itself as a place that is much more than just a café. Here, every visit becomes a unique experience that appeals to all the senses. Directly opposite Kö Bogen II and right in the pulsating heart of the city, the arrival of EL&N promises a glamorous and spectacular start in Germany.

Spectacular design meets Instagrammability

When we talk about EL&N, we have to consider the ambiance. These cafés are more than just a place to sip coffee. They are a visual treat. Pink furniture, ceilings decorated with thousands of pink artificial flowers and countless lovingly selected details create the ideal backdrop for the perfect Instagram post. EL&N has established itself as the most Instagrammable location in the world.

A look behind the scenes: The vision of the founder

Alexandra Miller, the founder of EL&N, brings more than a decade of experience in the luxury fashion world. “Our brand embodies creativity, style and optimism,” says Miller. Their dedicated team of baristas, chefs, marketers and industry experts share their vision and do everything they can to bring the EL&N world to life.

Culinary diversity: A treat for the palate and the eyes

But EL&N Düsseldorf is by no means just a feast for the eyes. Here you will find a wide range of culinary highlights. From Instagrammable lattes to imaginatively decorated cakes and savoury delights like healthy bowls and fancy wraps, the menu has something for everyone.

Alexandra Miller explains: “Our menu combines the city’s local food and drink culture with our world-renowned and much-loved EL&N classics.”

The ethos of the brand: Eat, Live, Nourish

EL&N stands for Eat, Live and Nourish. These three leitmotifs form the backbone of the brand. They offer a combination of stunning surroundings, products for stylish living and a positive ethos that feeds the soul.

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Opening hours and little things that count

Get ready, Düsseldorf! On 14 September 2023, at 11:00 am, EL&N turns over a new leaf and opens its doors in our wonderful city. You can drop in every day from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. – whether for a quick breakfast on the way to work, a cosy brunch with friends or simply for a coffee when the afternoon takes a little longer. There’s always a good reason to stay here!

More than just coffee

With the opening of EL&N in Düsseldorf, we are not just getting another café. No, it is so much more! It is a feeling, an experience and a lifestyle. We don’t just come here to quench our thirst for coffee or to get rid of a little hunger. Here we can capture moments and share our stories on social media. EL&N knows how to transport us into a world where we are not only pampered with culinary delights, but where our hearts and souls are also touched. It is a place to experience, share and enjoy – in the middle of Düsseldorf.

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