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Zenchef | Formitable: The merger that is redefining Europe’s restaurant landscape

Zenchef | Formitable: The merger that is redefining Europe’s restaurant landscape


Zenchef | Formitable is changing the European landscape of restaurant technology. Through recent acquisitions and a clear mission to support restaurateurs, the company is strengthening its position as a key player in the industry. What triggered this expansion and why is it so important for restaurants in Europe? Let’s dive in.

The power of integration

The market leader for online reservations in Belgium, Resengo, is now part of the ever-growing Zenchef | Formitable empire. With this acquisition, Zenchef adds more than 3,500 premium restaurants to its impressive platform, including prominent names such as RIJKS® in Amsterdam and The Jane in Antwerp.

Strategic acquisitions for expansion

“The acquisition of Resengo is a game changer,” announces Xavier Zeitoun, CEO of Zenchef | Formitable. This move not only doubles their reach, but also strengthens the relationship between restaurant owners and their customers. The end result? A more robust and resilient business model that is independent of commission-based third-party software.

Common missions: Strengthening the restaurateurs

Dirk Gypen, CEO of Resengo, shares this vision. For two decades, Resengo has worked to improve the guest experience and free restaurant owners from external platforms. This cooperation is another step in that direction. Gypen is confident that by joining forces with Zenchef | Formitable, they can continue to fulfil their mission of supporting restaurants in Europe.

A merged force

Zenchef and Formitable, two giants of restaurant technology from France and the Netherlands, joined forces in January 2023. The result of this merger is an impressive partnership that combines innovation, industry expertise and the latest technology to serve over 15,000 customers across Europe. Your ultimate goal? A seamless restaurant experience for guests that deepens and strengthens relationships with them.

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Zenchef | Formitable is more than just a technology platform; it is a powerful tool for transforming the restaurant industry in Europe. Through strategic acquisitions, passionate leadership and a clear vision, the company puts the needs of restaurateurs and guests at the centre. With technologies that simplify the reservation process and perfect the guest experience, the future of Zenchef | Formitable is undoubtedly bright.

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