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FRIEDRICHS Schnitzel Bar: A culinary experience in the world of schnitzel

FRIEDRICHS Schnitzel Bar: A culinary experience in the world of schnitzel

FRIEDRICHS Schnitzel-Bar

With a combination of traditional and innovative variations of schnitzel dishes, the newly opened FRIEDRICHS Schnitzel Bar at the H+ Hotel Frankfurt Eschborn sets culinary accents. The high-quality selection ranges from meat to vegan components and is testament to the care and quality that the H+ Hotel invests in its culinary offerings.

Tradition meets modern diversity

Schnitzel – a traditional dish familiar to many from childhood days. However, the FRIEDRICHS Schnitzel Bar elevates this popular dish to a new level. In addition to classic meat options such as veal and landuro pork, guests can also expect exciting options such as salmon trout fillet and vegan oyster mushroom schnitzel.

High-quality ingredients and transparent origin

It is not only the variety that is the focus at FRIEDRICHS Schnitzel Bar, but also the quality of the ingredients. Meat from Thuringia and bread made from bread from regional bakeries are just two examples of this commitment to quality products.

A word from the makers

Thomas Haas, CEO of, speaks passionately about the new project: “I am a big fan of this traditional dish.” Jürgen Schmieder, Corporate Director of Food, shares this enthusiasm and emphasises the quality and preparation: “Love in the preparation is particularly important to us.”

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Visions of the future

The expansion of the FRIEDRICHS Schnitzel Bar shows the success and vision of the company. Other locations in Bad Soden, Wiesbaden and Lübeck will soon follow. The name “FRIEDRICHS” also honours the founder of the residential town of Bad Arolsen, Prince Friedrich Anton Ulrich zu Waldeck und Pyrmont, and shows deep respect for the roots and history of the region.

FRIEDRICHS Schnitzel Bar represents more than just a restaurant. It embodies a passion for good food, an appreciation for local produce and an honouring of tradition, while focusing on innovation and sustainability. For all those who want to lose themselves in this culinary experience: For more information, visit It’s worth it!

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