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PUMA Kuckuck: When sports design meets Black Forest tradition

PUMA Kuckuck: When sports design meets Black Forest tradition


PUMA, the world-renowned sports company, is launching a special sneaker in cooperation with Schwarzwald Tourismus GmbH on August 12, 2023: the PUMA x Black Forest Slipstream Lo ” Kuckuck”. The inspiration for this limited edition comes directly from the heart of the Black Forest, a first in PUMA’s history.

The cuckoo clock: A landmark of the Black Forest

Cuckoo clocks from the Black Forest have been calling out the time since the 18th century. This watchmaking art has evolved over the centuries and is now considered a symbol of the Black Forest. Once started with handmade carvings and pine cone weights, the cuckoo clock is now an export hit and sold worldwide.

The fascination of the cuckoo call

Distinctive and unique, the call of the cuckoo, which sounds every full hour. This bird, known for its double call, has enchanted not only nature lovers, but also captured the hearts of art and culture lovers.

The cuckoo clock: a connection between time and nature

The cuckoo clock impressively combines time and nature. With its call of Cuculus canorus, it reminds us that time is cyclical, just like nature around us. And in the modern times we live in, the cuckoo clock has become a lifestyle object that combines both tradition and contemporary design.

The PUMA x Black Forest Slipstream Lo ” Kuckuck ” Features

This sneaker was inspired by the cuckoo clock and shows this in many details: from the special shingle look of the Puma molded stripe to the small cone pendant that reminds of the clockwork. And for all those who do not want to miss a timepiece, there is even a kit for a working cardboard cuckoo clock in a matching design.

The PUMA Slipstream: A legend reinterpreted

Known since the 1980s, the PUMA Slipstream has made its mark on the sneaker world. Now, in a modern interpretation, it combines its basketball heritage with the elegance of the Black Forest.

Exclusive offers and future releases

In addition to the PUMA x Black Forest Slipstream Lo ” Kuckuck” sneaker, there is a special PUMA x Black Forest cuckoo clock to be won. In the coming months, sneaker enthusiasts can also expect two more models that carry the beauty of the Black Forest.

The PUMA x Black Forest Slipstream Lo ” Kuckuck ” will be released on August 12 worldwide exclusively and in limited edition at the following premium sneaker stores:


  • 43einhalb, Frankfurt
  • AFEW-Store, Düsseldorf
  • Asphaltgold, Darmstadt
  • Dejavu, Eisenach
  • Der Stall, Crailsheim
  • Fortytree, Hauenstein
  • Glückstreter, Bremen
  • HHV, Berlin
  • Jumpnshoez, Landau in the Palatinate
  • Orange Jungle, Erfurt, Jena
  • Schrittmacher, Dresden
  • SneakerTwins, Schwäbisch Gmünd
  • SUPPA, Stuttgart


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  • PUMA x Black Forest Pop-Up, Tokyo (11./12. August)

PUMA x Black Forest Slipstream Lo “Kuckuck”
Item number: 394533-0002
Size range: EU 37 – 48
RRP 129,- Euro

With this new collection, PUMA bridges the gap between sportiness and cultural heritage, and sneaker fans around the world can look forward to a piece of the Black Forest on their feet.

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