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Roter Veltliner Ried Steinberg 2022 from the vineyard Josef FRITZ

Roter Veltliner Ried Steinberg 2022 from the vineyard Josef FRITZ

Roter Veltliner Ried Steinberg 2022

Roter Veltliner Ried Steinberg 2022: The cultivation of Roter Veltliner covers only 200 hectares in Austria, mainly on the Wagram and in the western Weinviertel. After a decline in the last 50 years, the area under cultivation of this autochthonous variety has been showing a slight upward trend again for several years. The homeland of the Red Valtellina is still not exactly clear, but its origin is believed to be in the “Adda Valley” in the area of Lake Como. The diversity of the varietal taste of the Roter Veltliner can be seen in medium-weight drinking wines to high-quality character wines.

Roter Veltliner Ried Steinberg 2022 from the Wagram region

In Zaußenberg near Königsbrunn am Wagram is the winery Josef FRITZ, which today covers a total of 15 hectares of vineyards and is managed in the 5th generation of winemakers. The Mordthal, Himmelreich, Steinberg and Schlossberg sites offer ideal conditions for the grape varieties Roter & Grüner Veltliner, Roter Traminer, Pinot Blanc and Riesling as well as Blauer Zweigelt and St. Laurent thanks to the soils of loess, tertiary gravel and sandstone.

The Wagram, whose name probably goes back to the Middle High German “Wogenrain”, extends as a 40 kilometer long and 10 kilometer wide stretch of land along the northern bank of the Danube between Krems and Tulln. The impressive terrain of up to 30 meters high consists of gravel deposits, shell remains and fossils of the Urdonau. Fertile loess deposited on the southern slopes of the Wagramkante was transported by glacial storms.

The special climate on the Wagram

The vineyards on the Wagram face south and benefit from a unique interplay of warmth and coolness. From the east, the foothills of the Pannonian climate moderate the temperatures, while from the northwest, cooling air flows in from the Waldviertel. This combination allows the grapes to develop complex aromas and a harmonious balance of fruit and acidity.

Ried Steinberg – An excellent location on the Wagram

The vineyard Steinberg is one of the largest and best sites on the Wagram. It owes its name to the stony and sandy soil, which alternates here with loess. At the foot of the mountain, loess dominates, changing further up into sandy loess on stony ground. The highest parts of the site, at almost 370 meters above sea level, consist mainly of Tertiary gravel. This makes the Steinberg one of the highest sites on the Wagram.

Roter Veltliner Ried Steinberg 2022
© Andreas Jackerth

Roter Veltliner Ried Steinberg 2022 – A wine for demanding palates

Rote Veltliner Ried Steinberg 2022 is an outstanding wine that will delight the discerning tastes of wine lovers looking for something special. The climatic conditions and the first-class soils of the Wagram region give this wine its distinctive aromas and a marked harmony between fruit and acidity.

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This exclusive wine is an excellent accompaniment to fine dining and social occasions. Its versatility and the richness of its aromas make the Roter Veltliner Ried Steinberg 2022 a special pleasure experience that will delight both connoisseurs and new discoverers of the world of wine.

An exceptional wine from a unique region

The Rote Veltliner Ried Steinberg 2022 is an impressive example of the quality and diversity of wines from the Wagram region. Its unique flavor profile, shaped by the special climatic conditions and excellent soils of the region, makes it an unforgettable wine experience for discerning palates.

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