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Caffè Molinari – Italian coffee pleasure now at Tchibo

Caffè Molinari – Italian coffee pleasure now at Tchibo

Caffè Molinari

Caffè Molinari brings a piece of Italy to Germany with Tchibo. With over 200 years of tradition rooted in the coffee bars of Italy, Caffè Molinari promises not only first-class coffee, but also an authentic Italian lifestyle.

Caffè Molinari and Tchibo – a harmonious symbiosis

The collaboration between Tchibo and Caffè Molinari marks a milestone in the history of coffee consumption. Tchibo, known for its quality coffee, has found a partner in the family roastery that is characterised by a long and rich coffee tradition. Giuseppe Molinari, the founder, opened his delicatessen in Modena, Italy, in 1800. Since then, the company has developed into a royal purveyor to the court and a major player in the world of coffee bars.

Authentic Italian coffee creations

Molinari is bringing four exquisite types of coffee to Germany: three Caffè Crema and one espresso. Each of these coffees promises an unrivalled taste experience. The Espresso Perfetto, characteristically creamy and full-bodied, reflects the essence of Italian espresso. The Caffè Crema Delizioso, balanced and aromatic, the Caffè Crema Cremoso, soft and velvety, and the Caffè Crema Gustoso, expressive and full of character, complete the range. These coffees are more than just drinks; they are a tribute to Italian coffee culture.

Caffè Molinari, roasted and packaged in the heart of Italy, is now available exclusively from Tchibo – in shops and online. For around 16.99 euros per kilo – whole bean – you can bring this Italian experience into your own four walls. It’s not just the flavour that delights, but also the feeling of enjoying a part of Italy.

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Tradition and innovation hand in hand

Caffè Molinari stands for a combination of traditional craftsmanship and innovative coffee production. The roastery meticulously ensures that every step in the process meets the highest quality standards. This commitment to excellence is the reason why Caffè Molinari is appreciated in Italy and around the world.

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