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Sani Festival: Highlight of the Greek Music Summer

Sani Festival: Highlight of the Greek Music Summer

Sani Festival

Sani Festival: The prestigious Sani Resort in Greece announces with great pleasure the resumption of the annual Sani Festival, a musical highlight of the country. The festival, which runs from July 15 to August 26, hosts legends of the music universe as well as emerging artists on the international stage, including Sarah Brightman, Bonnie Tyler & Chris Norman, UB40 with Ali Campbell and Tom Odell.

Fascinating panorama at Sani Festival

The Sani Peninsula in Halkidiki, a place with breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea, serves as a picturesque stage for this musical spectacle. Here, on the enchanting Sani Hill, guests experience live performances that touch the heart and enliven the senses.

Opening with an international icon – Sarah Brightman

The festival kicks off with a terrific performance by the world’s best-selling soprano, Sarah Brightman, on July 29. Brightman, known for her impressive three-octave vocal range, will be accompanied by a live orchestra and choir. The collaboration with Brightman also underscores Sani Resort’s commitment to environmental conservation and cultural heritage preservation.

An unforgettable musical fusion – Bonnie Tyler and Chris Norman

On July 22, pop icon Bonnie Tyler and rock star Chris Norman will join forces on the Sani Festival stage for an unforgettable live performance. This crossover of different genres will undoubtedly create an electrifying atmosphere on Sani Hill.

Sani Festival: explosion of reggae, pop and rock – UB40

UB40, one of the biggest British bands, will provide an unforgettable evening on August 5 with their original frontman Ali Campbell. Their distinctive musical style promises an incomparable dance party on Sani Hill.

A representative of the new generation – Tom Odell

Up-and-coming singer-songwriter Tom Odell will showcase his talents on August 12. With his captivating sound and performance, Odell embodies a new era in the music scene.

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Jazz on the Hill – Diane Reeves und Jan Gabarek

The festival begins July 15 with Diane Reeves, a jazz-soul singer, and concludes with renowned Norwegian saxophonist Jan Gabarek on August 26. Both are loyal supporters of the Jazz on the Hill program.

A touch of Greece’s musical history – Stavros Xarchakos

On August 19, legendary Greek composer Stavros Xarchakos will take guests into the world of Greek folk music, combining tradition with modernity and thus creating a bridge between the past and the future.

Sani Festival: A melting pot of culture

Sani Festival is more than just a music event. As the oldest privately organized festival in Greece and awarded as World Leading Cultural Destination Resort 2022, it is an institution that promotes authentic art and provides visionary entertainment. With an impressive range of artists and musical styles, Sani Resort is undoubtedly a premier destination for one of the country’s most significant cultural events.

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