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Costa degli Dei: The undiscovered paradise of Calabria

Costa degli Dei: The undiscovered paradise of Calabria

Costa degli Dei

Costa degli Dei: Still overlooked by many Italy vacationers, the enchanting region of Calabria, despite its more than 300 days of sunshine a year and almost continuous Mediterranean climate. It is a land without winter, where every day is a potential vacation day.

Diversity on the coast of Calabria

Calabria’s 800 kilometers of coastline offer seven different types of coastline – a true paradise for nature and sea lovers. The geological diversity is impressive and speaks for itself.

The beguiling beauty of the Costa degli Dei

The ‘Costa degli Dei’ (Coast of the Gods) is a particularly popular region that stretches from Pizzo Calabro to Nicotera on the Tyrrhenian Sea. Here travelers will find white beaches, turquoise sea and small romantic bays reminiscent of paradise.

Luxury resorts on the Costa degli Dei

The exclusive resorts Baia del Sole and Capovaticano Resort Thalasso Spa are located here and offer their guests unforgettable excursions to the best diving and snorkeling areas and to the most beautiful places of the region.

A divers and snorkelers paradise

The sea here is home to a diverse flora and fauna of the Mediterranean. The colorful plays of light created by the water and the white sand create a breathtaking backdrop. Special highlights for divers are the Arco and Formicoli, two ancient undersea ruins.

Fascinating sunsets and culture in Tropea

Above water, the town of Tropea impresses, majestically perched on a rock above the sea. The sunsets here are legendary and offer a breathtaking view of Stromboli and all the way to Sicily. The old town is lined with dignified noble palaces from different eras, which glow in the sunset.

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A gourmet experience with a view

For the perfect end to a day, visit the De’ Minimi restaurant in Villa Paola. With the best view of the sea and Tropea and an incomparable culinary offer, it is the ideal place to end the evening.

In Calabria, on the Costa degli Dei, visitors will find not only impressive nature and culture, but also incomparable luxury. It is a truly divine place waiting to be discovered.

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