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City Airlines – New star in the aviation sky

City Airlines – New star in the aviation sky

City Airlines

The Lufthansa Group’s announcement that its newest subsidiary, City Airlines, will take to the skies in summer 2024 has made waves. This innovative airline, which will play a key role in strengthening the short-haul network, is preparing to redefine the way we experience travel. But what does this mean in concrete terms for the aviation industry and travellers worldwide?

City Airlines: A new start in aviation

City Airlines, the latest addition to the Lufthansa Group, is not just an airline – it is a promise for the future.

“With City Airlines, we want to create prospects for the coming decades and secure sustainable jobs in Germany. This is the only way we can grow and strengthen the hubs in Munich and Frankfurt in the long term,” explains Jens Fehlinger, Managing Director.

This strong statement sets the tone for an airline that offers more than just flights.

The role of City Airlines in the Lufthansa network

City Airlines will play a key role in the Lufthansa Group’s strategy by strengthening the short-haul network and serving as a feeder and transfer service for Lufthansa. This strategic positioning makes it possible to make air traffic more efficient and user-friendly, which is particularly important for business travellers and holidaymakers. The integration into the existing networks in Munich and Frankfurt promises a smooth travelling experience.

The fleet and the flying experience

With a fleet that will initially consist of A319 aircraft and may be expanded to include Airbus A220 or Embraer aircraft, the airline promises a high-quality flying experience. These aircraft are known for their reliability and comfort, which means that travellers can expect a pleasant and efficient journey.

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Personnel recruitment and development

Another important aspect of City Airlines is its investment in qualified personnel. Recruitment of pilots and cabin crew will begin in November 2023. It is particularly important to emphasise that experienced applicants are given preference when filling vacancies and that English-speaking pilots are also considered. This demonstrates the airline’s commitment to building a diverse and experienced team that upholds the Lufthansa Group’s high standards.

Future prospects and job security

The launch of City Airlines is more than just an expansion of the flight offering. It is a step towards a sustainable future in aviation. Discussions with social partners to create competitive and secure jobs demonstrate the airline’s commitment to its employees and the local economy. This is a key aspect for an industry that is constantly changing and always facing new challenges.

City Airlines is about to take off into an exciting future. With a strong vision, a dedicated crew and the backing of an established group, City Airlines will not only revolutionise the flying experience for its passengers, but will also have a significant impact on the aviation industry as a whole. For travellers and aviation enthusiasts, this is a moment to watch with interest.

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