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Costasera Contemporary Art – A look behind the scenes of the Masi Winery

Costasera Contemporary Art – A look behind the scenes of the Masi Winery

Costasera Contemporary Art
Costasera Contemporary Art
Costasera Contemporary Art
Costasera Contemporary Art
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Costasera Contemporary Art

The renowned Masi winery presents the latest edition of its “Costasera Contemporary Art” project. Masi celebrates the marriage of art and wine with a limited edition Amarone Costasera 2005, with artwork by the master of Japanese lacquer art, Yasuhiro Asai.

An interplay of culture and tradition

The Masi winery’s historic connection to the world of art takes on a fresh dimension with the sixth edition of “Costasera Contemporary Art” (CCA). The Masi winery, deeply rooted in the valleys of Valpolicella, brings its deep attachment to cultural expressions to this project, which combines contemporary art and exquisite wine.

The artwork “Saikou

This year’s artwork, titled “Saikou”, was created by the talented Japanese artist Yasuhiro Asai. Asai, a master in “urushi” – one of Japan’s oldest art forms – has created a fascinating incense burner. He explains: “I believe that the care with which the Amarone Costasera is made is true art of great refinement. Starting from this thought, I applied the traditional techniques typical of my culture to create an actual work of art. Its completion took about two years.” The result is a fine work of art that harmoniously blends traditional Japanese culture and the art of winemaking.

The scent of Europe in a bottle

The artwork “Saikou”, which means “the scent of Europe“, draws its inspiration directly from the Amarone Costasera, a symbol of the rich culture and history of the Valpolicella region. This special edition, on which the artwork is presented, is specially designed for the international market.

A sustainable view of the future

Masi’s aspirations go beyond just making wine. The proceeds from the sale of this special edition will fund a scholarship for a young Japanese artist to enable him to learn the art of glassmaking in Murano. A wonderful initiative that underlines Masi’s commitment to the arts and culture.

Masi and Japan: a story of pride

Alessandra Boscaini, sales director at Masi, emphasises the winery’s deep connection to the Japanese market: “In Japan, the second largest wine market in Asia and the sixth largest wine importer in the world, Masi has been firmly represented for about 40 years. We are particularly pleased that Yasuhiro Asai, an exceptionally talented artist, has become involved in the Costasera contemporary art project.”

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An eternal commitment to art

Masi’s close ties to art are not new. From the “Premio Masi”, which has been awarded for over 40 years, to the support of the “Fondazione Arena” and the world-famous Opera Festival, to the collaboration with internationally renowned artists, Masi repeatedly shows his deep appreciation for art and culture.

For those who want to know more about the “Costasera Contemporary Art” project, the official website is available:

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