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Tony’s Chocolonely – A countdown calendar with meaning

Tony’s Chocolonely – A countdown calendar with meaning

Tony’s Chocolonely

When the cold season arrives and the smell of home-baked biscuits and mulled wine wafts through the streets, the anticipation of the Christmas season inevitably increases. An indispensable part of this anticipation is the daily opening of a door in the Advent calendar, a ritual that takes on a whole new, conscious dimension with Tony’s Chocolonely.

An advent calendar that is more than just chocolate

Tony’s Chocolonely, known as a challenger brand and impact business, not only makes chocolate, but has an important mission: to produce chocolate that is 100% free from modern slavery and illegal child labour. The Tony’s Chocolonely Countdown calendar is more than just a seasonal treat; it is a statement against the conditions in the chocolate industry that often violate human rights.

Fairness you can taste

The Countdown calendar not only pays the cocoa farmers the Fairtrade premium, but goes one step further to guarantee them a living income. This unique pricing model, a creation of Tony’s Chocolonely, is a model that will hopefully soon be adopted by the entire industry.

24 doors full of surprises

Tiny Tony’s chocolates in 10 different flavours are hidden behind each of the calendar’s 24 lovingly designed doors. But it’s about more than just flavour: interesting facts about Tony’s mission, festive humour and an “unusual feature” designed to highlight the unjust abuses in the chocolate industry make this calendar a special experience.

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Winter delicacies

In addition to the Advent calendar, Tony’s Chocolonely also offers seasonal chocolate varieties. The milk chocolate with mulled wine flavour and the gingerbread chocolate are perfect for sweetening up the pre-Christmas period. Good news for all chocolate fans: the countdown calendar, previously only available online, is also finding its way into selected supermarkets this year. It pays to be quick, because the popularity of the calendar means that it often sells out quickly.

Tony’s Chocolonely impressively demonstrates that enjoyment and a sense of responsibility can go hand in hand. Each door that is opened in the countdown calendar not only spreads Christmas cheer, but also awareness for a fairer chocolate industry.

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