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BRICKS Bar Hamburg: Liquid voyage of discovery in the heart of the Hanseatic city

BRICKS Bar Hamburg: Liquid voyage of discovery in the heart of the Hanseatic city

Bricks Bar Hamburg

BRICKS Bar Hamburg, tucked away in the magnificent Renaissance Hamburg Hotel, presents its new “Discovery Drinks” that capture the vibrant essence of Hamburg’s cultural sites. Each of these unique creations celebrates the Hanseatic joie de vivre.

Historical ambience meets modern mixology

The Renaissance Hamburg Hotel is located in the Hanseviertel, characterised by its historic architecture and lively scene. Behind the impressive dark brick façade of the former Broschek-Haus printing and publishing house from the 1920s is the inviting BRICKS Bar Hamburg. A place that fascinates with both its past and its present offerings.

Discovery Drinks: A tribute to Hamburg

A homage to Hamburg in liquid form. Eight iconic locations in the Hanseatic city – from the moated castle and the Alter Elbtunnel to Fiction Park – have been carefully selected to be immortalised in the “Discovery Drinks”. “Every cocktail tells a story, and these stories are as diverse as the city itself,” you might think. It is not only a drinking experience, but also an educational journey that offers guests the opportunity to learn more about these special places. And the names of the cocktails? They correspond perfectly with these distinctive locations, each sip highlighting the character of the place in question.

Bricks Negroni: Helbing Caraway, Aperol, Lillet Blanc
Water Castle: Bourbon, Creme de Cacao, Cointreau, Orange Bitters
Elbstrand: Mezcal, Bramble Bombay, lime juice, coconut syrup; egg white
Park Fiction: Cachaca, Cointreau, lemon juice, vanilla syrup, orange juice
Boberger Dünen: Jameson Black Barrel, Tawny Port 10, Cassissee, Lagavulin 16, Cranberry Juice
Old Elbtunnel: Ardbeg 10, Ahoy, peach liqueur, lemon juice, peach syrup
Staircase Quarter: Gin Sul, Belsazar Rosé, St. Germain
Dike Road: raspberry seed, wild raspberry, lemon juice, almond syrup

A meeting place in the heart of the city

The centrally located BRICKS Bar Hamburg is more than just a bar. The teardrop-shaped light design and neon lighting add a modern touch to the industrial style. It is a place to linger, where guests can engage in conversation over coffee and cake or creative cocktails. Here, locals meet guests from all over the world, share stories and enjoy Hanseatic hospitality from sunrise to sunset.

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Whether you’re a local looking for a new favourite spot in the city or a visitor looking to discover Hamburg through its flavours, BRICKS Bar Hamburg is waiting to take your taste buds on an unforgettable journey. It’s not just a place to drink, but an experience that will plunge you deep into the heart of the Hanseatic city.

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