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Raffles Seychelles Honey: Golden Luxury in Paradise

Raffles Seychelles Honey: Golden Luxury in Paradise

Raffles Seychelles Honig

There is no doubt that luxury and exquisiteness lie in the small details. Raffles Seychelles continues this tradition and proudly presents the “Raffles Seychelles Honey“. A natural product that not only promises delights for the palate, but also offers a sweet oasis of relaxation in the hotel’s own spa.

A taste of history

Honey has a rich and complex history. From ancient Egypt, where it was considered the “food of the gods“, to the Middle Ages as a panacea – this sweet nectar has crossed the ages. Our Stone Age ancestors used it for food and hunting. In ancient Egypt and among the Germanic tribes, honey symbolised “ambrosia”, a source of eternal youth.

Raffles Seychelles Honey: More than just a spread

Raffles Seychelles on Praslin brings this heritage into the here and now. The freshly harvested honey is not only used as a spread. It is also used as a natural sweetener in desserts and as an ingredient in marinades. But the real magic unfolds in the luxurious outdoor spa, where the antiseptic and nourishing honey shows its effect in honey massages and facials.

From busy bees to exquisite luxury

Who would have thought that bees could be so fond of travelling? The bees of Raffles Seychelles are indeed old acquaintances. It is the same species as in our latitudes – the western honey bee. To produce one kilo of their sweet gold, they fly to three to five million flowers. That is around 100,000 flight kilometres! When harvesting honey, the resort makes sure to take only a quarter of the total stock, so that the bee colony remains well supplied.

The sweet science of honey

Raffles Seychelles Honey” is 80 per cent sugar, but not the conventional household sugar. Its structure of simple sugars such as glucose and fructose makes it easier to digest. It also contains amino acids, enzymes and minerals. These ingredients provide a unique aroma and influence the flavours that the Raffles Seychelles kitchen masterfully incorporates into their creations.

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A golden experience

At Raffles Seychelles, the heritage of honey is honoured in an unparalleled way. Raffles Seychelles Honey is more than just a culinary experience. It is a promise for the senses, immersing guests in the sweet depths of luxury. A golden experience that remains in the memory.

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