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Cathay Pacific: Forward-looking investments and commitment to greener aviation

Cathay Pacific: Forward-looking investments and commitment to greener aviation

Cathay Pacific

Cathay Group, synonymous with luxury and excellence in the aviation industry, has once again demonstrated its determination to further expand the Hong Kong international aviation hub and modernise its fleet.

Strategic fleet expansion

It’s official: up to 32 single-aisle Airbus aircraft are to join Cathay Pacific’s ranks over the next few years. These aircraft are scheduled for delivery by 2029, primarily expanding the fleets of Cathay Pacific and HK Express. The explicit objective is to increase connectivity to mainland China and other parts of Asia.

The CEO’s statement

Ronald Lam, Cathay Group’s Chief Executive Officer, underlined the company’s ambitions: “We are investing in the long-term future of the Group and the Hong Kong international aviation hub.” Referring to the aircraft models on order, he added that they have already proven themselves and will expand the regional network for their customers.

Technology and customer comfort

But it is not only about quantity. “These aircraft are equipped with the latest technological features,” says Lam, “enabling our customers to fly quieter, more comfortably and more fuel-efficiently.” This commitment to technological excellence reinforces Cathay Pacific’s brand image as a pioneer in the aviation industry.

Cathay Pacific: A success story

The airline flies to over 70 destinations worldwide and is known for its premium offers. It is not only a major operator of the technologically advanced Airbus A350, but also a pioneer in environmental responsibility. Thanks to the use of greener aircraft and programmes such as the Fly Greener programme, Cathay Pacific has already saved over 300,000 tonnes of CO2. A clear sign that luxury and sustainability can go hand in hand.

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An environmentally friendly choice

Cathay Pacific’s mission is to combine luxury and responsibility in aviation. With its ongoing commitment to technology, customer comfort and the environment, it sets standards in the industry. It is a promise of a sustainable and luxurious travel experience.

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