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The 5th Kallstadter Löwenfestival: A feast for the senses

The 5th Kallstadter Löwenfestival: A feast for the senses

Kallstadter Löwenfestival

Kallstadter Löwenfestival: On 04 June 2023, the winery on the Nile in the Palatinate opened its doors for the fifth edition. This unique culinary event attracted around 1,500 guests to the sun-drenched vineyards, where they experienced an unforgettable day full of culinary delights and top wines.

Kallstadter Löwenfestival: A meeting of the culinary elite

The top-class line-up of the festival once again impressed with its outstanding culinary art. Led by TV star and top chef Frank Rosin, double Michelin-starred Hans Neuner, and cosmopolitan and Michelin-starred chef Nelson Müller, the festival left no culinary wishes unfulfilled. Alongside these experienced masters of the kitchen, Löwenfestival newcomer Ali Güngörmüs provided a breath of fresh air.

Culinary delight away from star compulsion

Guests were treated to a plethora of exquisite dishes, including cold-cooked ceviche, youzo miso salmon and homemade spaghettini. Despite the high culinary standards, the festival emphasized a casual and informal atmosphere that encouraged exchange and interaction between the chefs and guests.

Rousing live acts and first-class wines at the Kallstadt Löwenfestival

In addition to the culinary offer, the Nelson Müller Allstars, the trio Herzklang and the guitarist Joel provided for an exuberant mood. The Winery on the Nile hosted some of the world’s most renowned winemakers, including Telmo Rodriguez from Spain, Quinta de Valbom from Portugal and Weinlaubenhof Kracher from Austria. The French winery Miraval was also represented for the first time with its noble rosé.

The Palatinate: A paradise for connoisseurs

The Palatinate, known for its high-quality enjoyment, provided the perfect backdrop for this top-class festival. Founded in 1841, the winery on the Nile, surrounded by historic vineyards, stands for first-class wines from the best sites. Here, wine lovers will discover a variety of fine wines, from mineral Rieslings to finesse-rich Burgundies and sparkling vintner’s sparkling wines.

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The Kallstadt Löwenfestival is more than just an event, it is a meeting of culinary and vinological “lions”. It shows how old traditions can meet innovative approaches and proves that the winery on the Nile, thanks to its millennia-old sites and modern pressing technology, is rightly one of Germany’s top wineries.

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