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The Handsome Festival: Interactive celebration of art and culture

The Handsome Festival: Interactive celebration of art and culture

Handsome Festival

The Handsome Festival invites guests to dive deep into the unique culture of the Algarve. Organized for the first time from June 21 to 24, this festival presents a wide variety of workshops, tastings and lectures. From making traditional handmade sweets from figs, to the art of weaving with willow fibers or palm leaves, to demonstrating the proper cutting technique for delicious Iberian ham, the Handsome Festival is a creative tourist’s paradise.

The unique blend of tradition and creativity

The Handsome Festival will begin on June 21 with the opening at the Cerro do Ouro Educational Center in Albufeira, where the “Algarve Craft & Food” project will be presented. A subsequent braiding workshop and discussion on “Territory, Culture and Experiential Tourism” will ring in the festival. In the following days, twelve more exciting workshops will be offered in different cities, including Alcoutim, Silves, Faro and Loulé.

Handsome Festival: The oranges of the Algarve as a highlight

One of the many highlights of the Handsome Festival is the workshop on the oranges of the Algarve. Here you will not only learn exciting stories about the importance of this citrus fruit for the region, but also how to make the famous “Torta de Laranja” (orange roll).

Networking events and exhibitions

The festival will end with lectures and presentations on creative tourism, as well as networking events between professionals and exhibitions of designers and artisans. Most of the activities offered are in small groups of 6 to 10 participants, so early registration is recommended.

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Algarve: Picturesque home from Handsome Festival

The Algarve, the southernmost region of Portugal, is known worldwide for its year-round mild climate and breathtaking landscapes. The Algarve offers beautiful long sandy beaches, idyllic and quiet bathing bays, a hilly hinterland and towns steeped in history. With its diverse cultural offerings and excellent tourist infrastructure, the Algarve is the perfect host for the Handsome Festival.

For more information, a detailed program of the festival and the possibilities for registration, please visit

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