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Lío Mallorca: Palma de Mallorca welcomes a new nightlife legend

Lío Mallorca: Palma de Mallorca welcomes a new nightlife legend

Lío Mallorca

Lío Mallorca, the latest jewel in the Pacha Group crown, is more than just another nightclub. This exclusive entertainment and dining experience combines music, dance, upscale cuisine and a dazzling cabaret show to offer an unparalleled experience.

A journey into the world of Lío

After impressive openings in Ibiza, Mykonos and London, Lío Mallorca now opens its doors in Palma to continue a tradition of glamour and elegance that has existed since 1923. Located on the site where the legendary Tito’s nightclub once resided, the club is ready to usher in a new era of luxury nightlife.

Tradition meets modernity

Lío Mallorca is more than just a legacy. It is a modern interpretation of classic cabaret. DJs, singers, dancers, acrobats and international artists merge in a captivating performance that immerses the audience in an electrifying atmosphere.

Gourmet experience

The gastronomy at Lío Mallorca is under the direction of Andreu Genestra, a Michelin-starred Mallorcan chef. A menu that celebrates Mediterranean and Mallorcan flavours while reflecting the rhythm of the music and the show.

A statement from the Pacha Group

Sanjay Nandi, CEO of Pacha Group, expressed his excitement about bringing the Lío experience to Mallorca. Lío has already made a name for itself in its flagship Lío Ibiza. With Lío Mallorca, Pacha Group aims to continue to deliver world-class nightlife experiences and underline its ambitions as an industry leader in ESG.

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Lío Mallorca is not just a club. It is an experience. A place where tradition meets contemporary entertainment, where exquisite gastronomy and breathtaking performances go hand in hand. Lío Mallorca is the perfect combination of past, present and future and an absolute must for anyone who wants to experience the luxury nightlife in Palma de Mallorca.

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