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Bento Inn – Aspire Hotel Group continues expansion course

Bento Inn – Aspire Hotel Group continues expansion course

Bento Inn

As the latest success in its impressive journey, Aspire Hotel Group continues its expansion by acquiring the renowned “Bento Inn” in Munich – a strategic decision that demonstrates the group’s deep commitment to first-class hospitality and innovative accommodation.

An impressive new addition to the portfolio

As part of its long-term brand strategy, the Aspire Hotel Group consistently continues its expansion course and records another significant milestone: the smooth takeover of the operation of the ‘Bento Inn’. The hotel, which stretches magnificently with its 366 rooms near the Munich Trade Fair Centre, is now ready to benefit from the progressive vision of the Aspire Hotel Group.

Rebranding and realignment

Innovation and transformation are at the forefront when it comes to Bento Inn. The renowned architectural team of Hayo Nadler Architekten has already been entrusted with the task of giving the Bento Inn a fresh look. The partnership with a world-renowned franchisor is expected to take the hotel in a completely new direction – with the aim of establishing a benchmark for first-class hospitality and innovative accommodation.

A look at Aspire Hotel Group

Since its foundation in 2018, Aspire Hotel GmbH has established itself as a pioneer in the hotel industry. With its management, the company has more than 25 years of industry experience as well as a successful history in the operation of more than 100 hotels. Their focus is not only on expansion, but also on implementing innovative technologies and striving for sustainability, always keeping customer satisfaction in mind.

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The takeover of the Bento Inn by the Aspire Hotel Group is undoubtedly an exciting chapter in the history of the hotel industry in Munich and beyond. It remains to be seen what impressive changes and innovations the Aspire Hotel Group, with its many years of experience and commitment to excellence, will bring to the Bento Inn.

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