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A Luxurious Retreat in Tuscany – The New Spa at Castelfalfi

A Luxurious Retreat in Tuscany – The New Spa at Castelfalfi


The stunning Tuscan countryside, known for its natural beauty and rich culture, has another jewel to offer: Castelfalfi. The renowned resort recently unveiled an impressive 1590 square metre spa in collaboration with RAKxa. This article takes you on a journey to this oasis of relaxation and luxury, amidst the picturesque backdrop of Italy.

Cooperation with RAKxa: A fusion of tradition and modernity

RAKxa, known for its Thai wellness methods, has teamed up with Castelfalfi to create a unique spa experience. “We are delighted to present the new Castelfalfi Spa,” quoting General Manager Roberto Protezione, “It underlines our commitment to offering guests exceptional experiences that celebrate the natural beauty and cultural richness of Tuscany.”

At the heart of this collaboration is the fusion of Thai treatments developed over millennia with modern medicine and knowledge. Castelfalfi has given this concept a special Tuscan touch. The treatments are enriched with essential herbal oils from the region, so guests enjoy an experience in harmony with nature.

The Spa: an oasis of relaxation and elegance

As soon as you enter the spa, it is clear that everything has been thought of here. Two stunning pools – one inside, majestically framed by mosaic-decorated columns, and another outside, with a picturesque view of the Tuscan countryside. In addition to relaxation, seven treatment rooms, a suite for couples, two saunas, a steam bath and a relaxation area offer pure luxury.

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But it’s the small details that really impress. The redesign also included the common areas such as the tasting and herbal tea station, the new hair salon and the lobby. Tasteful furnishings reflecting the style of the property have been carefully selected. A colour palette from gold to beige harmonises with the landscape and creates an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity.

Signature Treatments: A unique experience

The RAKxa treatments are truly exceptional and embody the essence of Thai healing methods. Guests can opt for the RAKxa Goodnight Sleep package, which aims to improve sleep quality, or the RAKxa Tension Release, which promises to eliminate physical fatigue. For those seeking deep relaxation, the Seven Chakra Hot Stone Massage is ideal.

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