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Hotel Savoy and the Truffle Concierge

Hotel Savoy and the Truffle Concierge

Hotel Savoy

The renowned Hotel Savoy, a Rocco Forte hotel in Florence offers its guests not only luxurious comfort but also a unique gastronomic adventure. Thanks to a long-standing partnership with the “Truffle Concierge“, travellers can immerse themselves in the mysterious world of truffle hunting and discover the culinary delights of Tuscany in a whole new way.

On the trail of the truffle: an unforgettable excursion

A highlight for all gourmets and lovers of something special: The Hotel Savoy allows its guests to explore the heart of the Tuscan hills under the guidance of the well-known truffle concierge Giulio Benuzzi. Giulio, always accompanied by his trained Lagotto dogs, reveals the secrets of truffle hunting. It’s a game of patience, knowledge and respect for nature, where the dogs’ fine noses ferret out priceless treasures from the dark forest floor.

Protecting nature: Respectful truffle hunting

On this exclusive tour, special emphasis is placed on the conservation of the region’s breathtaking biodiversity. It is not only about finding the coveted truffles, but also about supporting the natural regeneration of different truffle species and preserving the local flora.

From the search to the table: Culinary masterpieces

After the successful truffle hunt, the experience continues. In the cosy kitchen of the old family home, Francesca and Giulio prepare the freshly found truffles. Guests are introduced to the art of traditional Tuscan dishes – from tagliatelle to stuffed pasta, all prepared by hand and of course enhanced with the freshly harvested truffle.

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The Hotel Savoy offers not only an overnight stay, but a culinary adventure. The interplay of luxury, tradition and love of nature makes the experience with the truffle concierge an unforgettable one. A stay at the Hotel Savoy thus becomes the perfect combination of relaxation and discovery of the hidden treasures of Tuscany.

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